Posted by: malia | November 6, 2012

return to sender

queen’s meme #72

1. When is the last time you returned a library book?
my books were due last week but because of a very stressful period in the past 3 weeks i did not get to finish all the books i borrowed, so i renewed them. however, i will probably be taking them back within the week.

2. Is there anyone you’d like to see return to your life?
sure. i guess because i’m getting older, there are a few people i wouldn’t mind returning if only to “hook-up” with. i know that would never happen, though. although one recently did email me…

3. Have you finished your income tax return?
well, yes, for this year, i have, but not for the upcoming year. i usually finish them as soon as i get my w-2 in february because i need those numbers for financial aid applications.

4. Do you ever return things to the store for refund, credit or exchange? Have you had a bad experience with customer service over this issue? Tell us your story.
i will if the thing i bought was broken. i’ve never had a bad experience with this, i guess because the things were legitimately broken, and not that i was trying to take advantage of things.

5. You would like to see your favorite movie named The Return of ___________________.
hmm. i usually don’t like those return of sequels, because they’re never as good as the first. i think only the 2nd superman was better than the first, but then the rest were just stretching it.

6. Is there something you’re still waiting to be returned to you?
yes, quite a few things, actually.

7. You are in a canyon. On the other side stands your beloved. You stand and shout something to him/her making a large echo. What do you want to hear in return?
well, i wouldn’t shout in the first place, but i guess i’d like to hear reassuring words and a term of endearment.

8. If you could turn back and go in the reverse direction in your life, making things better for yourself and those you love, how would your journey begin?
what does that mean? hmm. i guess i would try to use what i know now to not make the same mistakes i did then? but then wouldn’t that change present-you? or does it not matter because you already went back in time? but then present-you would not exist as it was and it would be changed and then what?!?

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