Posted by: malia | July 31, 2012


last day!

tom cruise annoys me.
i hate it when it rains.
i’ve been to disney world.
i currently have a headache.
my parents are still together.
i always have my nails done.
i color my hair.
i love my job.
i drink too much coffee.
i hate coffee.
i love winter time.
i love my car.
i love sleeping.
i hate people who can’t drive.
i’ve never been pulled over.
people who think they know everything really annoy me.
i’ve always dated people older than me.
people in general annoy me.
the world is ending.
speeding tickets suck.
i know someone in jail.
i’ve ran out of gas before.
i’ve never tried sushi and i never will.
i love sushi.
i’ve punched someone in the face before.
i love the beach.
at night.
i wish i could like something about the way i look.
i love thunderstorms.
i’ve been to a strip club.
and got a lapdance.
i spend too much money.
i live by myself.
i’ve never gotten a flat tire.
i have anxiety.
it’s horrible.
i’m a server/bartender.
i think everyone should work in a restaurant for a day.
starbucks = love.
i’ve never had to call 911.
i have more than one dog.
i know someone in the army.
i love thrift stores.
i love going to concerts.
i have an iphone.

i hate watching the news.
it’s depressing.
i would rather listen to rap than rock.
if i could afford it i would own designer everything.
i drive a convertible.
i want to learn how to surf.
i lost my virginity before i was 16.
i don’t have a facebook.
who doesn’t have a facebook?!
i’ve kissed someone of the same sex.
i’m saving myself for marriage.
i’ve been out of the country.
i would never get a tattoo.
i love tattoos.
i have to pee right now.
i wish i could sing.
i’ve met someone famous.
i hate flying.
red lights are only good for texting.
i always wear my seatbelt.
i’ve never shopped at victoria’s secret.
i tend to get road rage.
i say legit.
i’ve never smoked a cigarette.
i’ve been in a car accident.
i want to be a doctor.
i’ve done body shots.
i’ve been to paris.
i’ve seen dazed and confused.
i’ve never smoked weed.
i love weed.
i’m in high school.
i’ve read fifty shades of grey.
i want to.
i have over 10 albums on facebook.
i still have a myspace.
but i never go on it.
i work from home.
i would love to work from home.
i need to go shopping.
my parents pay my car insurance.
i still have a house phone.
someone in my family is a cop.
i want kids someday.
i hate kids.
everyone i know is getting married and having kids.
i can speak a different language.
i’ve never been to a spa.
i live in california.
i have family in another state.


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