Posted by: malia | July 30, 2012


1. Have you ever been to a Sweet 16? What about had your own?
no and no.

2. Do you like spicy food?
i used to, but now my tummy can’t handle it.

3. What’s one word you often spell wrong?

4. Are you in college? If so, what grade and what’s your major?

5. Do you have an iPhone? If so, what are your favorite apps?
yes. i have a bunch of favorites. i like puzzle games and all the …with friends games (except chess) and even like draw something or song pop. i use netflix a lot, as well as kindle and wordpress and i guess instagram, lately.

6. Do you play the Sims?
not any more.

7. What are you doing for your birthday this year?

8. Pencils or pens?

9. Do you still have any clothes you owned in high school or middle school?

10. What did you do for the 4th of July?
nothing, i don’t think? i think i just relaxed.

11. Do you have a passport? What do you think of your passport photo?

12. What about your license photo?
eh. the big island landed up right on my neck so it looks like i’ve got a gaping hole in the middle of my neck. also, i don’t think my picture looks like me.

13. …and your photo in the yearbook?
eh again. stupid thing was hanging up in some bank for a year because they had a contract with lifetouch or whoever it was that did our senior pictures. i avoided that area for a looooooong time.

14. Do you wear makeup daily?

15. Have you ever TYPeD LiiKe THiiS?
that irritates me.

16. Favorite websites to go on as a kid?
some of my kids like this one that has a lot of violent games. i don’t know how they found it. otherwise i like like pbskids or starfall.

17. Did you ever have your own website with geocities, tripod, angelfire, etc.?
i did have my own but not with those listed.

18. Do you have any cute names for your boy/girlfriend?
when i had one, yes.

19. Have you ever prank called anyone?

20. Do you get prank called a lot?

21. Do you enjoy racist/sexist jokes?

22. What’s one thing people say that offends you?

23. What kind of bathing suit do you have?
a skirted tankini.

24. Ever made a YouTube video? Of what?
yes. of just random stuff.

25. Last CD you bought?
ummm. i have no idea. wait, physical cd? or like an mp3 album? a physical cd, it might’ve been some school one. the mp3 one, i just got some essential classical music stuff. $3 for 100 songs. 🙂

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