Posted by: malia | July 28, 2012


I’ve recently started doing something I used to love all over again.
My first language isn’t English.
I used to compete pretty seriously in a certain sport.
I’ve owned a pet who has died.
^It was surprisingly easy to get over.
I live in a place with four very distinct seasons.
That place happens to have a huge patio.
I get cold quite easily.
I order my wardrobe in colour order.
^Same with my library.
I have broken something today.
I have been in a long-distance relationship for a period of time I consider to be pretty long.
^I am still friends with that ex.
I own a smartphone.
^Which I drop FAR too often for it to function still.
The wardrobe in my room has at least two doors.
I have chronic pain of some kind.
I can go outside directly from my room.
I find the Winter Olympics much more appealing than the Summer Olympics.
I have been diagnosed with a mental issue/disorder in the past.
^I prefer not to get medication, treatment or meetings for it.
I’ve had couchsurfers over at least once before.
I tend to move on quite quickly after breakups.
My sheets and pillowcases do not match.
I own a white lace dress.
I own a little black dress.
I prefer my salsa hot.
Most of my friends are men.
Most of my friends are actually gay men, somehow.
I have been to a protest in the past year.
My hair and I have a love affair, I think it’s great.
I have had an online dating profile, whether it was for kicks or to actually find someone.
One of my favourite tv shows is a 90s show.
My favourite sport to watch is definitely figure skating.
^My favourite lady is South Korean.
^My favourite man is Russian.
(Props if) it is actually Goosebumps.
I am very proud about where I am from.
Anxiety issues and I are no strangers.
I have a Rufus Wainwringht obsession at the moment.
I quite like my handwriting.
^I write in cursive.
I am highly guilty of facebook stalking.
There is one person I live with with whom I do not get along as well as the others.
I have a deficiency when it comes to my nutritional intake.
Most of my budget, living expenses aside, goes in the grocery shopping.


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