Posted by: malia | July 18, 2012


1. What event did you last dress up for? Who went to that event?
gosh. hmm. might have been our good-bye dinner for my colleague. it was me and 3 of my colleagues.

2. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
the back of my head.

3. Are you a fashion-conscious person? Where do you buy most of your clothes?
no, not really. i really don’t buy a lot of my clothes–i get them as gifts, mostly.

4. Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? What gets you up and awake?
sometimes i do, but if i know i have to be somewhere, i’ll get up. usually i set my alarm to wake me up, and about 10 minutes before i have to, so i can snooze once.

5. What’s something fun you’ve done this week? Who was there?
bleah. meetings all week, with the whole staff.

6. What’s the last thing you texted someone about?
i texted my sister about my son being home alone.

7. When and why did you last blush?
oh gosh i always blush. i get embarrassed very easily.

8. Do you currently have a favorite song? What is it?
i like a lot of songs.

9. What is one thing you and your best friend have in common physically?
i don’t have one.

10. Now based on your interests, what is one thing you both have in common?

11. What, if anything, is hanging on your refrigerator?

12. What is the last illegal thing you did, even the smallest crime?
probably speeding.

13. How much did each individual thing you’re wearing cost?
um. i don’t know, as this was a gift.

14. Is that the normal amount you spend on clothes?
i don’t know. well, probably not, because i don’t spend a lot on clothes.

15. Do you collect anything? Have you ever?

16. What languages do you speak?
a few.

17. Where do your grandparents live?
i’m not sure where one is, because she moves so often. i’m thinking it’s still in the town area, though. my other grandma moved closer to my aunty.

18. When is the next time you’re going on vacation? Where to?
next summer, probably another island.

19. How well do you do in school? How are your grades compared to your siblings?
i did okay. i was the serious one, so, yes, my grades were better than my siblings’.

20. Does your family eat dinner together? Who does the cooking?
we used to. my son is too old to eat with me now. 😦

21. Are you usually motivated to work or are you a procrastinator?

22. Has the last month been really stressful for you?
only the past three days.

23. What do you base first impressions on? (Behavior, clothing, etc.)
appearance and behavior, i guess.

24. Who do you know that is a vegetarian? How about a vegan?
i have several colleagues who are vegetarians and vegans.

25. When is the last time you went out to dinner with a friend? Where did you go? Who paid?
i went out with some of my colleagues, mentioned above. we went to big city diner. i was reaching to pay for the guest of honor’s check but no one else offered to pay, either, and she signed it before i could take it. i thought that was strange, that no one else offered. i mean, we went out to celebrate her? i don’t know. i guess i’m old-fashioned.


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