Posted by: malia | July 16, 2012


1. What is your favorite type of tea to drink? If you don’t like tea, what is your favorite hot beverage?
i don’t drink any of those hot beverages. well. maybe hot chocolate on a cold night.

2. How deeply do you care for your education? Is it something you take seriously?
it’s very important.

3. Do you enjoy reading? What is your favorite material to read?
yes. my reading is more online or through kindle app on phone now, though. most of the physical books i have are for work.

4. How many plays does your favorite song have on iTunes (or any other music player?)
i just checked my iTunes and the one with the most plays is the song my class did last year, with 83. makes sense, because i played it OVER and OVER and OVER again, trying to make a routine for that song. i didn’t realize it counted the songs i play on my phone as part of the plays, because i would play this song over and over in the car on the way to and from work. so i wasn’t surprised there. after that, it’s a glee song, which kinda surprised me, with 60 plays.

5. Would you prefer to go to a beach or to a park for a day, and why? What would you do?
the beach is always nice though i don’t go very often any more. i’d just sit and enjoy it.

6. Are there any sports you enjoy watching? If so, who are your favorite teams?
i will watch volleyball and sometimes football. i used to watch a lot of baseball, too. for the first two, it would be the local university’s team, and the last one, it was the braves.

7. What did you last have for lunch?
i gnawed on some beef jerky during a break.

8. Do you have a nighttime routine before you go to bed?
hmm. kinda.

9. What is your preferred color of ink to write in?
black. but sometimes i feel cutesy and want the turquoisey blue or hot pink.

10. What is the last thing you did with your sibling/s? If you don’t have any, what about your closest friend?
we all hung out at my mom’s, laughing at some old videos she found.

11. What do you take pictures of most often?
random things. oh, lately i guess it would be the back of my head because i’m trying to see what my hairdo looks like from the back. like this morning, i took some 40 pictures trying to see it from all angles, and missing, of course, and then i go back and redo it and take more pictures. i delete them all, of course, but that’s what i’ve been doing a lot of every morning i’ve done my hair up.

12. When are you next going on vacation and where are you going to go?
i guess not ’til next summer, and i would like to go back to the big island.

13. What kind of bag do you use for school? If you’re not in school, what kind do you use in general?
i use a big ol’ book bag that carries all my stuffs.

14. What did you order the last time you went out to eat?
i think it was beef curry the last time i ordered out.

15. Does it snow where you live? If so, do you enjoy being in it or do you prefer to stay indoors?
no, it doesn’t snow where i live, which is good, because i don’t enjoy the coldness that accompanies it.

16. Where was your last kiss? If you’ve never been kissed, what about your last hug?
i don’t remember.

17. What are five things you own in your favorite color?
hmm. clothes. pen. binder. bin. sewing machine.

18. Who did you last feel frustrated with?

19. When is the last time you went to the dentist? Is it something you enjoy?
i went to the dentist a week ago. it was the first time with that one, because i switched over when i got mad at my previous dentist. :/ i enjoy it when they say “see you in 6 months!” 😀 and i like the clean feeling of my mouth after going.

20. Is your favorite clothing store close to your house or do you have to travel far?
they just opened one up nearby, less than 10 minutes away.

21. What was your last impulsive purchase?
some books.

22. Who is your favorite person to go out to dinner with?

23. Where do you plan on going the next time you leave your house?
work. 😦

24. What is your favorite snack item?

25. When is the last time you painted your nails, and what color?
ooh, i haven’t done this in a while! i think i will paint them tonight to help me decompress. 🙂 maybe pink. 🙂


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