Posted by: malia | July 14, 2012


there were blank questions on the other one, so i grabbed some of these to fill in the blanks. sorry, survey-creator.

Are there any physical changes you’re hoping to make lately? What made you want it/them?
i need a haircut. i planned to cut my hair before school starts again, but that’s already monday.

What was the last major ceremonial event in your life, such as a graduation or a wedding? How did it make you feel?
it’s been forever. i was nervous, of course.

When you read “favorite” or “favourite,” does the one that is not considered correct in your region sound differently in your head?

What are some things your parents disapprove of? Have you ever done any of them?
drugs and stuff. no, i haven’t.

Would you rather be cute or sophisticated? Why?
cute, because i’m not. well, not that i’m sophisticated, either.

Is there a game that you have to play every day to keep it from falling into disrepair? What makes you continue playing it?
some Facebook games, i guess. i don’t want to fall behind.

Is there a book that reminds you of a family member? What’s the memory attached to it?
yes, there is a long green book that reminds me of my cousins & uncle who had a similar book at my grandma’s, that they defaced. so every time i see the book, i am reminded of that.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t vote in political elections? If so, what do you think of this and what are their reasons?
hmm, not sure.

Would you rather have a flashy, lucrative career that is guaranteed to be over by the time you’re judged as “too old,” like a ballerina or a model, or would you have something less lucrative, more boring, but not dependent on youth?
well since i’m old anyway, i guess i’ll never have the first one.

What was your first reaction to driving a car? If you’ve never driven before, what’s the longest trip (in hours traveling, not distance) you’ve ever made?
i was very scared. my dad was patient, though, when he usually isn’t.

How do you feel about the influx of superhero movies in recent years?
i don’t care for them.

Does the kitchen where you live have a theme? What is it?

What is a secret that someone tried or is trying to keep from you? Does/did the secret bother you?
i’m not sure.

Which kind of alternative schooling would you most like to try (I.E., a school centered around environmentalism, a school where you gain credit through projects, a school centered around art, online schooling… there’s a lot of different charter schools out there, it’s interesting to Google around~)
hmm. i’ve done online classes. i was recruited to teach at a charter school, but i didn’t. we’re trying project-based learning this year. i guess i’m willing to try anything once?

Have you ever met someone who turned out to be completely different than they at first seemed? Tell us about it.
yes, a couple of my colleagues seem really nice and caring when you first meet them, but as you get to know them, you come to find out how backstabbing and fake they are.

Do you enjoy cheesy, “chintzy” shops, or do you find them pointless? Have you ever bought anything from a shop like that?
i don’t understand?


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