Posted by: malia | July 12, 2012


1. When was the last time you felt faint? What caused it?
when i don’t get enough water or food.

2. Do you ever wake up the morning after you’ve rearranged your room and think “WTF HAPPENED?!”
um. no.

3. Are you always running out of things (gum, chapstick etc) or do you stay stocked up on that stuff?
i run out of stuff, and then i buy too much.

4. Do you know any boys who wear foundation?
well, no one’s shared that information with me, if they did.

5. Do you know any girls who make themselves look flat-chested?
i don’t think so.

6. Does your grandma always have her hair done and makeup on every time you see her?
both my grandmas don’t wear make-up. my dad’s mom always has her hair done, though.

7. If you own a hammock…why aren’t you in it?!
i’d be too afraid of flipping out of it.

8. Do you eat your favorite food with a fork?
when i have to be polite and dainty.

9. When you go out to eat how many napkins do you usually use?
i grab a whole bunch all the time. people who eat with me are always like sheesh how many napkins do you need? i don’t know why i do it.

10. Have you ever liked a song on the radio but hated the full album version? What was different about it?
sometimes the full album version is a lot longer, but sometimes that makes the song better, too.

11. How much is minimum wage in your state?
i have no idea. when i was getting paid minimum wage, it was $3.25.

12. Think of your favorite singer. Do they have any piercings?

13. Are there any celebrities, bands, or public figures you’re subscribed to through twitter, newsletters, facebook, myspace, everywhere basically?

14. If someone left a box of kittens on your porch, what would you do with them?
i don’t know.

15. Was the last book you read from the narrator’s point of view or from the main character’s?


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