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For each one, you can write just one or as many as you want. Just put some lines from songs that apply to each!
By the way: these can all be your own interpretations, they don’t have to be what the song is actually about for each question.

[i’m going to try and think of ones that aren’t obvious, that have the words right in the title, like “breaking up is hard to do” or “i want your sex.”]

01! Break-ups.

you and me, we used to be together
every day together, always
i really feel that i’m losing my best friend
i can’t believe this could be the end
it looks as though you’re letting go
and if it’s real then i don’t want to know

02! Sex.

you on the rise as you’re touching my thighs
and let me know what you like
if you like i’ll go down
i’ll hold you in my hand and baby
your smooth and shiny feels so good upon my lips sugar
i want you so bad i can taste your love right now

although i guess a certain ex-president may argue that it’s not sex. 😛 so from the same album…

i don’t want to stop just because
you feel so good inside my love
i don’t want to stop no no no
i want you

03! Love.

i’ll be your dream, i’ll be your wish, i’ll be your fantasy
i’ll be your hope, i’ll be your love, be everything that you need
i love you more with every breath, truly, madly, deeply do

there are better songs out there, but this is one an ex would always sing to me, so it came into my head easily.

04! Places.

aruba, jamaica, ooh i want to take ya
to bermuda, bahamas, come on pretty mama
key largo, montego, ooh why don’t we go
down to kokomo

05! Partying.

well my friends the time has come
raise the roof and have some fun
throw away the work to be done
let the music play on
everybody sing, everybody dance
lose yourself in a wild romance
we’re going to party … fiesta forever
come on and sing along

06! Death.

always been a true angel to me
now above
i can’t wait for you to wrap your wings around me baby
sometimes hear you whispering
no more pain
no worries will you ever see now baby
im so happy for my baby
dream about us together again
what i want is us together again
i know we’ll be together again
because everywhere i go
every smile i see
i know you are there
smiling back at me
dancing in moonlight
i know that you are free
’cause i can see your star
shining down on me
there are times when i look above and beyond
there are times when i feel you smile upon me baby
i’ll never forget my baby
what i’d give just to hold you close
as on earth
in heaven we will be together baby
together again my baby

07! Life.

if i had just one wish
only one demand
i hope he’s not like me
i hope he understands
that he can take this life
and hold it by the hand
and he can greet the world
with arms wide open
with arms wide open
under the sunlight
welcome to this place
i’ll show you everything
with arms wide open
now everything has changed
i’ll show you love
i’ll show you everything
with arms wide open

08! Depressing.

oh i cry every time this song comes on the radio. it’ll make me cry just typing this out, and will probably put me in a rotten mood for a while after this.

half time goes by
suddenly you’re wise
another blink of an eye
67 is gone
the sun is getting high
we’re moving on
i’m 99 for a moment
dying for just another moment
and i’m just dreaming
counting the ways to where you are
15 there’s still time for you
22 i feel her too
33 you’re on your way
every day’s a new day
hey 15, there’s never a wish better than this
when you only got 100 years to live

09! Happy.

this song just makes me happy. i can’t sing it w/o a smile on my face.

i can’t wait to see you
see you
see you
what’s up today?
can you hear me calling?
it’s time to play
every cloud in the sky
green leaf on the tree
is reminding me
faraway dreams really do come true
come on let’s go!
let’s go
and run ’round, run ’round
what a beautiful feeling
we’ve finally found
our peaceful valley
and everybody’s having a good time now!

10! Angry.

guess this could’ve gone under break-ups, too.

does she know how you told me you’d hold me until you died
’til you died
but you’re still alive
and i’m here to remind you
of the mess you left when went away
it’s not fair to deny me
of the cross i bear that you gave to me
you you you oughta know

11! Meaningful/deep.

hmm, i’d say the 100 years one is pretty deep. but since i already did that, i’ll choose another.

and i’d give up forever to touch you
’cause i know that you feel me somehow
you’re the closest to heaven that i’ll ever be
and i don’t want to go home right now
and all i can taste is this moment
and all i can breathe is your life
’cause sooner or later it’s over
i just don’t want to miss you tonight
and i don’t want the world to see me
’cause i don’t think they’d understand
when everything’s made to be broken
i just want you to know who i am
and you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming
or the moment of truth in your lies
when everything feels like the movies
yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive

12! Lines that remind you of someone.

all right, i had a blog entry about this one, but here goes…

say your lines
but do you feel them
do you mean what you say
when there’s no one around
hide behind your smile
all the world lives a clown
wish you well
i cannot stay
you deserve an award for the role that you played
no more masquerade
you’re one lonely star
all the world is a stage
and everyone has their part
but how was i to know which way the story’d go
how was i to know you’d break
you’d break my heart

i guess that one could be a break-up song, too. well, it was, for me.

13! Lines that make you laugh or smile.

i really don’t know this song, just the chorus–it came up on the radio one day on our way to my grandma’s house and we thought it was so absurd that we always sang it at the same exact spot as we heard it every time we went to grandma’s. 🙂

i love you, period
do you love me, question mark
please, please, exclamation mark
so i can hold you, in parentheses

ha ha!

14! Importance/value (example: lyrics imply the singer feels very important, or maybe not very valuable).

lord knows
dreams are hard to follow
but don’t let anyone take them away
hold on
there will be tomorrow
in time you’ll find the way
and then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive
so when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you’ll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you

15! Any lines that you like. 🙂

heehee this is a song i just have not been able to get out of my head for the whole summer, and is one of the first songs i put on in the car before i let it get to shuffle. i don’t know why it delights me so. 😛 but here goes:

like a prisoner who has his own key
i can’t escape until you love me
i just go from day to day knowing all about the other boys
you take my hand and tell me i’m a fool to give you all that i do
i bet you someday, baby, someone says the same to you
but you know that i’ll forgive you
just this once, twice, forever
’cause, baby, you can drag me to hell and back
just as long as we’re together
and you do…

that was fun! i think i might try this one again later on, with different songs. 🙂

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