Posted by: malia | July 9, 2012


are you wearing any band-aids right now? no.
how has the weather been lately? do you like it? it was a bit rainy; it was nice.
when was the last time you used to a nail file? i don’t think i’ve ever used one for its intended purpose.
what other tabs are open on your web browser? none.
what’s a recipe that you really want to try to make? i’m not sure. i’ve been craving tacos lately, though. maybe some sort of taco pie?
have you ever heard of the site do you use it? no i haven’t.
what room are you in right now? do you spend a majority of your time in there? my bedroom. and yes.
do you prefer diet pop/soda or regular? (diet coke, diet dr pepper, etc) i don’t drink soda.
when was the last time you spent a day with the opposite sex? i live with someone of the opposite sex, so … daily, i guess. oh, except when he sleeps over someone’s house.
have you ever played any of the sims games? yes.
what color is your phone? black, but with a blue skin on it.
on a hot day, would you rather be laying out tanning or swimming? swimming.
what is your cover photo on facebook? dolphins.
are you near a table? if so, what items are on it? a small one–my phone, my ihome thingie, and a small drawer thing that holds jewelry, pins, etc.
was/is today a good day? it’s not done yet.
have you ever been on a cruise? if not, would you want to go on one? i’ve not been on one, but i think it might be fun.
do you think that when women get to a certain age, they should start to wear a 1 piece swimsuit? or do you not care? so should we say the same about guys that get to a certain age?


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