Posted by: malia | July 7, 2012


Tell me about your…

x. [Wallet] my wallet is this cute little blue thing with cute little animals on it that my sister bought for me at a craft fair. i desperately need a new wallet, though. mine is starting to get holes and the velcro does’t stick as well, causing my cards to fall out. i think i also stuff too many things in my wallet.

x. [Brush] my brush is a pastel blue and has such a soft handle. i love just rubbing the handle, in almost an obscene way. it’s got a broad brushing surface which is good in helping me detangle my hair. i swear, though, pull off a whole tumbleweed of hair every time after i brush. 😦

x. [Toothbrush] i have one of those sonic ones. it uses uv rays to kill any bacteria, which my dentist scared me about.

x. [Jewelry Worn Daily] i don’t wear jewelry daily.

x. [Blanket] my mom sewed me the blanket–it has soft light blue flannel on one side and a darker blue cotton fabric on the other side. so depending on which i feel–cold or hot–i just switch the blanket to the right side. 🙂 and it has quite a bit of chew marks in it where the bunny got to it. :/

x. [Facewash] i don’t use specific face wash–just soap.

x. [Coffee Cup] i don’t drink coffee, hence, i have no mug.

x. [Sunglasses] i currently wear a pair one of my students gave me. it’s amber-colored and doesn’t do much to block the sun, but i feel bad enough that i wear it.

x. [Underwear] they’re all pretty much the same style. i like comfort.

x. [Shoes] i have about 4 pairs of shoes, i think–3 are more for work, and 1 is causal. my work shoes are nice and comfy though since i’m on my feet a lot, but sadly they get dirty quickly because where i work is very dusty. my casual ones have lasted me a long, long time, and i just love them. i was so sad last night to see that there is a small tear in them and that soon it might break. waaah. i don’t know if they make that style any more, as it was a long time ago…

x. [favorite Shirt] i don’t really have a favorite–i just like anything big and loose.

x. [Favourite Pants] i have black capri leggings i wear a lot if my top is long. they’re comfy.

x. [CD In Stereo Right Now] it’s a cd that i play for my kids to teach them skip-counting.

x. [Tattoos] i don’t have any. i’ll do temp ones but not really interested in scarring up my skin.

x. [Piercings] i just have my ears pierced. i wonder if they’re even still open as i have not worn earrings in a long time.

x. [What You Are Wearing Now] a blue shirt and black shorts. nothing spectacular.

x. [hair] my hair has the free-flowing feeling of washed-the-day-before-ness. it’s just down though. i have not done it up yet. my bangs are pretty long, which i’ve been wearing pinned back. my hair is getting straggly at the ends which usually signifies that it’s time to cut but i’ve been having so much fun making hairdos that i kinda don’t want to now. but i probably will before school starts.


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