Posted by: malia | July 6, 2012


[Current T-Shirt]
What color is it? turquoise.
What’s the design on it? it’s plain.
Where did you buy it from? i bought it from walmart this morning because i was ashamed of what i was wearing.
How old is it? brand spankin’ new.
How much did you pay for it? $6.
Do you own the same t-shirt in a different color? yes. i bought 3 of them in different colors.
Does it even belong to you or are you borrowing it? it belongs to me.
Does it need washing? yes, because i cannot eat without dropping something on my shirt.
Does it have any holes or stains on it? no.

Where do you work?
at a school.
Who’s your boss? the principal.
How many hours do you work a week? too many.
What time do you start and finish? varies.
How much pay do you get? more than most others. but we work longer hours!
Do you enjoy your job? sometimes.
Do you get along with all your co-workers? oh this makes me sad. 😦
Is this your job for life? it seems it.
Do you get any discounts? no.
What does your job consist of? many, many things.

What is your opinion on Rihanna taking Chris Brown back?
Do you think Jordan (Katie Price) has taken plastic surgery too far? i don’t know what she looks like.
Do you feel sorry for Jade Goody? i don’t know who she is.
Are you excited for Michael Jackson’s final UK tour? um.
Are you a fan of Victoria and/or David Beckham? eh.
Do you prefer Chris Moyles or Scott Mills? i don’t know who they are.
Do you dream of being a celebrity? not really.
Who is your most disliked celebrity? there are a few!
Do you think celebrities are overrated? yes.
Do you read celebrity gossip magazines? no.

What’s your favorite food?
What’s your least favorite food? gross stuff.
Do you live to eat or eat to live? eat to live.
Muffins or cakes? i don’t care for either.
Are you a good cook/baker? no.
Do you like red meat? yes.
What’s your favorite sandwich? philly cheesesteak.
How many meals do you eat daily? 1-2.
Do you eat a lot of fast food? no.
Have you ever been to or thought of going to Fat Camp? no.

[All Things Pink]
Do you like the color pink?
it’s alright.
Do you wear a lot of pink? no.
What accessories do you own that are pink? nail polish, a bracelet.
What’s your favorite pink thing that you own? cool nail polish.
Do you have any pink underwear? yes.
Do you like the singer Pink? why not?
Have you ever had pinkeye? yes.
Have you ever watched Pinky & The Brain? no.
Do you call your little finger ‘pinky’? yes.
Are your lips more pink or red? more pink.

What age did you first try alcohol?
i don’t remember.
Do you drink a lot? no.
What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed? probably champagne or something.
Have you ever been drunk? no.
Have you ever had to have your stomach pumped? no.
Do you know anyone who’s an alcoholic? yes.
Are you happy with the drinking age limit? sure.
To have a good time, do you have to drink? no.
Do you prefer spirits, beer, wine, cider, or cocktails? i prefer water.
Is there always alcohol in your house? no.

Who have you spent time with today?
my sister.
What time did you wake up? 6am
What’s the date and time? July 6, 2012, 11:08 PM
What’s everything you’ve eaten today? steak & eggs, taco salad.
What have you done today? ran errands.
How have you felt today? okay.
Have you bought anything today? yes, i bought clothes.
Have you watched a movie today? no.
What are you wearing? clothes.
What are your plans for the rest of today? sleep!

Do you live close to beaches?
not really close, but not far, either.
How often do you go to the beach? not that often.
What do you usually do at the beach? wade. look at the ocean. study the sand.
Do you ever swim in the sea? i float.
Do you ever go crabbing or fishing? only as a part of summer fun.
Which sea/ocean are you closest to? pacific.
Have you ever made love on a beach? well.
Do you prefer beaches or mountains? beaches.
Do you ever go to the beach to BBQ? no.
Do you spend most of your summer at the beach? no, not really.

Do you dye your hair?
every once in a while.
What colors have you dyed your hair? golden brown, red.
How long is your hair? i can sit on it.
What products do you use on your hair? none.
How often do you wash your hair? every once in a while.
Is your hair straight, wavy, or curly? straight.
Do you like people playing with your hair? no.
Do you want to be a hairdresser? no.
What type of hair have you got? straight hair.
Have you got any split ends? tons!

Do you like trends like Uggs and Crocs?
i don’t really care.
How many pairs of shoes do you own? 4.
Which shoes do you wear most often? my slippers.
Which is your most expensive pair of shoes? my heels.
Are you a Shoe Queen? no.
Where do you buy most of your shoes? payless.
Where do you keep all your shoes? near the door.
Do you own any glittery, sparkly, or sequin shoes? no.
What shoe size are you? 8.
Do your shoes make your feet smell? not anymore.


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