Posted by: malia | July 5, 2012


whoops. was working on it but got distracted at night and didn’t get to publish it.


-road trips
-Lady Gaga
-Bill Lawrence shows (i.e Scrubs, Cougar Town)
-bike rides
-being the little spoon
-being understood
-open minded people
-The Sims
-dressing up
-grilling food
-fall foliage
-being of legal drinking age
-having a serious relationship
-Augusten Burroughs’ books
-nail polish


-windy days
-writing papers
-taking tests
-being cold

-orange juice
-when people don’t text me back and we had previously had a conversation
-feeling alone
-Katy Perry
-country music
-rude customers
-the retail business
-the cost of gas
-slow internet

-plans falling through
-Harry Potter
-crying in front of other people
-not being able to fall asleep
-The Big Bang Theory
-taking a shower
-our Republican candidates for 2012
-shitty drivers

-traditional pencils
-being disappointed
-having no money


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