Posted by: malia | February 28, 2012



Do you like macaroni and cheese?
i used to, but i can’t eat it any more.

What food gives you the worst gas?
gosh i have no idea.

Have you ever farted into a bottle so you could smell it?

What would you do if your best guy friend said he was gay?
i wouldn’t be surprised.

What movie would you have sex while watching?

Ladies, how big do you like it?

What would you do if you were the only one on earth without a nose?

What if you woke up without any ears?
that would be strange.

Where are your parents right now?
i assume at their home? well, my dad might still be at work.

Do you think they had sex yet today?
no, considering they’re divorced.

Would you rather chew off your nose or spoon out your eyes?
i wouldn’t spoon out my eyes. i don’t know how i’d chew my nose, though.

Where were your hands last night at 11PM?
playing scramble and draw something. and temple run, while waiting for others to take their turn.

Have you ever played hide and go seek in the dark with the lights off?
i think so.

Have you ever ironed your clothes while they are on your body?
i think so.

Do you think you will have your hair fall out from dying it too much?

What would you do if your annoying friend never left you alone?

Would you rather eat 3 boxes of saltine crackers without water, or eat a live cockroach?

Are you a virgin?
i might as well be.

Are you happy with this decision?

Would you ever have sex in school?
while i was in school, as a student? or in a school, location-wise?

Have you ever left class to do anything naughty in the bathroom?

Would you rather have no fingernails or no teeth?
no fingernails.

What if one day, all clothing material blew up in the whole world so everyone was naked?

Are you hungry?
a little.

Would you have sex with a random person just to get pregnant?
yes. no one wants a relationship with me.

Do you like cleaning mirrors?
? i don’t *like* it but i have nothing against it.

Go to and tell me your Gangsta Name?
“White Mint Flava”

Whats your favorite pick up line?

What do you think of snacking on my snake?
no, thank you.

Would you rather live in an igloo or a sand castle?
i wouldn’t like the sand all over the place, but there’s no way i’m living in an igloo!

Would you rather be a mermaid or a dolphin?

What do you think of cheerleaders?
too perky.

How’s life?

Call/text the most recent person you talked to and ask them what their favorite ice cream is.
i don’t have to, i already know the answer–coffee.

Would you rather be the prettiest person in the world and unhappy or fat and soooo happy?
fat and happy.

What if you walked in on the best friend and teacher having sex?
same reaction i’d have to walking in on anyone having sex.

What would you rather be doing right now?
answering a different survey!

You just had a set of quadruplets, what do you do now?
wonder how in the world…?

If you just had a baby, who would the father/mother be?
i didn’t.

Who was your last sexual partner?
a guy.

Do you own any Barbies?
not any more.

How do you feel about Santa?

The Tooth Fairy?

Have you ever met a famous porn star?
no. now i know for sure a guy wrote this.

Do you like fruit?

What’s your favorite movie?
i don’t know.

Have you ever eaten a crayon?
no, i don’t think so.

What’s your outlook on karma?
don’t really give it a second thought.

What happens when you get scared half to death twice?

What is the definition of Smurf?
well, smurfy smurf smurf.

Would you rather eat only chocolate for the rest of your life or not have any thumbs?
i guess chocolate?

Would you ever lick your finger and stick it in an electrical outlet for money?

The person you loved asked if it would be okay for them to marry you and another person, what would you say?
wait, what?

Would you ever be a swinger?
definitely a guy.

Do you like the Taco Song?
i don’t know it.

Would you rather be gay or deaf?

Would you rather have NFL be officially naked, or basketball?
that would be funny for the nfl.

What if your boogers tasted like whatever you were hungry for, would you eat them?


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