Posted by: malia | February 27, 2012



do you like where you live right now?

do you like dinosaurs? if so what’s your favorite kind of dinosaur?
i don’t.

have you ever been outside your country?

do you have a lot of friends?

so, are you excited for summer 2010?

do you usually burn or tan?

does it snow where you live, if so do you like it?
no, it doesn’t.

do you know anyone named Jessica?

how about adam or jacob?

know any sarahs or rachels?

whats the best dream you’ve ever had?
too long to get into.

do you recycle or just throw everything in the garbage?

do you own an ipod/mp3, etc?
on my phone…

if so, how many songs do you have on it?
several gigs worth of songs.

what is your ALL time favorite song?
i don’t know.

what’s your favorite type of soda?
i haven’t had soda for over 10 years, but i used to love creme soda.

how many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had in your lifetime?
not that many.

look around you right now, what’s the first purple thing you see?
my lavender oils.

what’s your favorite color?

do you own a cellular device?

what’s your favorite animal?

have you ever broken a bone, if so, what one?

what’s the craziest thing you have ever done?
i don’t do very crazy things.

do you like roller coasters?

what’s your favorite video game?
i don’t know.

xbox, or ps3?
i don’t have either, so i don’t know?

have you lost a loved one in the past year?

what’s your favorite fast food restaurant to eat at?
i like the burgers at burger king, but i like the salads at wendy’s, and i like the variety of jack in the box.

do you have facebook and myspace accounts?

whats the most overplayed song on the radio right now?
i haven’t been listening to the radio that much because i have the song we’re doing for our dance performance playing over and over in my car so i can imagine the routine in my head.

what’s the last thing you ate, was it good?
a twister. yes, it was good.

what are your plans for this upcoming weekend?
hmm. not sure yet.

what was your favorite tv show as a child?
cartoons–flintstones, smurfs, etc.

what’s your favorite tv show now?
i don’t really have one.

if you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
something that pays a lot of money but not a lot of stress.

if you could have anything you want in the world, what would it be?
a family.

if you could have anyone in the world, who would it be?
“have”? hm, too many to choose.

do you have more girl friends, or guy friends?

what website would you say you visit the most?

when’s the last time you went swimming?
it’s been a while.

was the water warm, or cold?^

when was the last time someone hurt you emotionally?
i made a colleague feel bad. 😦

when was the last time someone hurt you physically?
i think i accidentally stepped on someone’s finger.

would you say you eat a lot of junk food?

what’s your favorite flavor of potato chip?
i used to love vinegar & salt.

do you drink coffee/tea?

who was the last person to call you?
a wrong number.

who was the last person you called?
my sister.

do you have any pets?

do you have any nicknames?

do you have any nicknames for other people?

would you say you’re a nice, or mean person overall?

what’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone?
i don’t know. i’m mean, remember?

did it make you feel good after you did what you had done?^
why would doing something nice make you feel bad?

are you a quiet, or loud person?

do you like rap, or does it annoy you to no end?
it annoys me because there’s so much swearing.

what’s your greatest fear?
death, being alone.

do you always go straight to the bathroom when you wake up?
well, i stumble there.

have you ever liked someone who didn’t like you back?

has anyone ever liked you, that you didn’t like back?

do you play any instruments, if so what?
i can pick out a few tunes on an ‘ukulele, a piano, a guitar, a violin, and a tonette.

is your house cold, or warm, or hot right now?
warm. well, it feels warm, as i just did 45 minutes of aerobics.

what’s your favorite thing to do?

what’s your favorite thing to do with friends?

what’s your favorite thing to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

do you use smiley faces and hearts a lot like this 🙂 on the computer?
heehee, look at any of my entries and you will see lots of 🙂

do you like music?

when’s the last time you just couldn’t stand anything or anyone?
gosh, i get like that a lot, especially with my grade level. i hate being old.

have you fallen over on accident in the past 72 hours?
ummmm…i don’t recall.

can you play sports, of so are you any good?

do people say you’re a funny person?

do you think you are a funny person?

do people laugh more at you, or with you?
they don’t laugh.

do you usually laugh at people, or with them?

will tomorrow be a good day?
that would be nice. i have a lunch meeting again, and that, combined with after school tutoring, means i won’t get to eat until after 3. at least i won’t be on tv again! hopefully!

they say you learn something new every day; so what did you learn today?
i learned high school teachers are just so apathetic.


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