Posted by: malia | February 24, 2012



How old is the last person you kissed?
not sure.

Who was the last person to text you before you went to bed last night?
a colleague.

Will you be in a relationship in the next couple of months?
i doubt it.

When was the last time you had a conversation with your ex?
last year. june-ish, i believe.

What did the last text message you receive say?
“so funny that you can watch them draw!”

Have you ever given anyone more than three chances?

Do you miss the way things used to be?

Do you believe that your ex cares about you?
no. he’s probably forgotten all about me.

Did you have a dream last night?
yes. it was about the boy whose meeting i had with his mother today. he was vomiting all over the desks and another student who didn’t realize it until i saw it on her feet, so i had to send her to the health room as well. that’s what i get for watching a video about fake vomit before i sleep–mixed in with my apprehensions of the meeting today. bleah.

Are you currently wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants or pajama pants?
not wearing pants.

Is it okay to kiss people when you’re single?
why not?

Who did you last speak to on the phone?

One thing that you want right now?

Is it hard to walk away from things sometimes?

Do you think the media has an effect on young girls today?

Are there things in your life that you’ll never be able to get over?

Do you find ripped jeans hot?

Any body piercing you think is absolutely disgusting?
yes! tongue. and i don’t like how those gauge thingies. i get creeped out by them.

Best Quentin Tarantino movie?
i haven’t seen any of his movies.

Do you like long hair?
well, i have long hair. sometimes i don’t like it but other times it’s alright.

Do you find a baby’s laugh cute?
yes. it cracks me up.

Don’t you hate it when people play games with your head?
who likes it?

Ever wrote a letter to someone that went unanswered?
ALL THE TIME. irritating.

Nothing compares to what?
gosh you can’t lead up to that without expecting the answer “you.”

Are you afraid of getting older?

Is there someone you know who can’t behave?
oh i know quite a few. 😛

Is there someone who loves to cause drama in your life?
i don’t think so.

Do you know a diabolical liar?

Do you let your animals sleep in the house?

Do you wish you had someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend?

Got into major trouble in school?

Do you pray people never forget you?

What accent do you go goo-goo over?

Blonde, brown, black, or red hair?

Don’t you hate always having to prove yourself?
again, who likes it?

It sucks being let down, doesn’t it?
of course.

Ever felt like you were stuck in a deep hole?
hmm. i don’t think so.

Do you think your eyes say a lot about you?

Is there a side of you that people don’t see?

Is there a tattoo you regret getting?

When is the last time you sat around a campfire?
8th grade probably.

Is there an important event coming up at your school?
dance showcase.

Do you have a back-up career choice? What is it?
an office job sounds nice.

Would you ever get caught with a fake ID?

Is there a comic book store in your city?
ummm not sure.

Do you think religion justifies treating people unequally?

Are men more attractive with longer or shorter hair?
short hair.

What colour was the ink of the last pen you used?

Do you know how to tie a necktie?

Have you ever attended a benefit dinner?

Is there a name that you hear and cringe?

Whats one question you’re sick of seeing in surveys?
the kiss one that seems to be in every single survey.

Say something in Spanish:
por que?

Did you ever think that running away would solve your problems?

Where was the last place to which you rode a taxi?
hmm. i don’t think i’ve ever ridden in a taxi?

How long does it usually take you to read a decent-sized book?
depends on what other things i have to do during that time! a couple of days if nothing…maybe a couple of weeks if i have lots to do.

What was the last computer game you played?
does temple run count? gosh i’m so addicted to that game.

What color are your dad’s eyes?

Could you choreograph a dance routine?
i do every year, practically.

Have you ever left your hair in braids overnight, then taken them out to make your hair look crimped?
😳 i just did that. 😳

Would you say you were a cute kid?

Can you handle a lot of drama?

Have you watched Prop 8 The Musical on funnyordie?

Can you count to 100 in another language?
yes. in 2 others, in fact.

Have you ever donated clothes?

When you were a kid, was there a boy/girl that you said you were going to marry?

What was the last sparkly thing you wore?
a bracelet.

Is it hard for you to trust someone?

What’s the shortest length you’ve ever cut your hair?
just past my shoulders.

Do you always turn the light off when you leave a room?

Is your favourite TV show very popular?

When was the first time you used a lighter?
i used one to light a candle earlier this month.

Where would you rather be right now?
i’m fine where i am. although to be better–in someone’s arms?


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