Posted by: malia | February 23, 2012



have you ever been in love?

do you have any pets, if so, how many?
yes, i do. i have a few.

do you have a good relationship with your parents?
i think so. with my mom, at least.

what’s your dream job?
maybe an archivist or something.

who was your first kiss with?
a boy.

do you still talk to that person?

do you have any toys from your childhood?

what are your plans for tomorrow?
i took a personal day because i’m in charge of the booth for my son’s school fair, so we’re having workers already coming from noon to help set up so i have to be there. however, since a parent also insisted that tomorrow was the only day she could meet, i have to still go to school to attend that meeting. then i have to rush it over to my son’s school.

plans for the weekend?
working the booth at the school fair. rest on sunday.

does the future scare you?

have you ever watched The Notebook, did you enjoy it?
no, never watched it. don’t think i’d like it.

favourite board game?
i love pictionary.

do you curse often, if so, what word most?
not at all.

favourite website?
it varies. recently it’s been sporcle.

do you like dinosaurs?
not at all. but having a young son meant i had to learn about them.

are you still friends with your first best friend that you ever had?

how many close friends would you say you have?
i don’t think i have any that aren’t family.

favourite thing to do in summer?

have you ever purposely tried to make someone jealous?
i don’t think so. i don’t have much to be jealous of.

where is your favourite hoodie/sweater from?
my alma mater.

do you like lady gaga?
her music’s pretty danceable and earwormy.

what time do you usually go to bed?
on a school night, by 9.

all in all, do you like your life?
it could be better, but i shouldn’t complain.

is there any jewelry that you wear everyday?

who’s the last person you tried to impress?
my boss. didn’t work.

what are you going to do now that i’m finished boring you?
finish my post for my other blog and then eat dinner. 🙂


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