Posted by: malia | February 22, 2012



1. if you had to spend all day doing just one thing what would you chose?

2. how often do you use the speakerphone feature on your cell or home phone?
when it’s a thing where i know i just have to push buttons to some sort of automated thingie then i use the speakerphone, so i don’t have to keep putting the phone up to my ear and then away, to press the buttons.

3. do you like waking up to the smell of breakfast? if not breakfast, how about something else?
umm. i guess? i mean, that’s some sort of comfort to wake up and hear someone cooking for you–that’s nice. even though i don’t drink coffee, i like the smell of coffee in the morning because it reminds me of home–my mom would always make coffee for my dad first thing in the morning, and so that smell in the morning reminds me of home. my ex loved being woken up by the smell of coffee as well, and was very appreciative whenever i did that for him. 😉

4. what did your first sleeping bag look like?
it was red. i think it was captain america, but i turned it inside out so the red part showed. i think it was a hand-me-down from one of my boy cousins.

5. do you enjoy looking at clothes online?
i don’t enjoy, per se. but i do, sometimes.

6. do flies bother you?

7. how did you learn to type?
i took a typing course or two in high school.

8. does your voice sound a lot different over the phone?
it sounds a lot different on anything where i have to hear it coming from somewhere other than my own head, as i assume it does for everyone.

9. have you ever had to use crutches? if so, how was it?

10. do you have long eyelashes?

11. have you ever been to take your kid to work day with a parent? if so, how was it?

12. assuming that you’d like to have children, do you think that you would bring your child along on take your kid to work day?
well, i do, whenever he’s on break, and i’m not.

13. what do you pay most attention to while talking to someone?
what do you mean? not the person itself?

14. does it bother you when your glasses or sunglasses are dirty?
i guess? i don’t have either.

15. is your laugh somewhat loud, on the quiet side, or in between?
somewhat quiet. when i really, really laugh, i actually don’t make a sound.

16. when was the last time you did the limbo?
a couple of months ago.

17. would you like to try scuba diving?

18. have you ever died in a dream before? if so, do you remember what happened next?
i woke up?

19. do you think you’ve had more male or female teachers throughout your school years?

20. how did you find out that people were doing surveys on xanga?
i didn’t know that people did surveys on xanga, so i guess i found out from you.

21. do you like paper lanterns?
i guess?

22. what inspires you?

23. do you leave your computer running when you’re out and not using it?
i put it to sleep, but i don’t shut it down.

24. do you know what bokeh is? if so, what do you think of it?
i don’t know what that is. food?

25. did/do you use paper bags or a traditional lunch box or bag while bringing your lunch somewhere?
i had a donny and marie lunchbox. i was just the coolest. 🙄


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