Posted by: malia | February 21, 2012



whoops. apparently published it and forgot to write the answers. darn you, distracting scramble with friends! 😡

1. Did you graduate high school a virgin?
i am a good girl.

2. Would you ever date out of your own race?
i have.

3. Can you describe your father in one word?

4. When was the last time you told someone I love you?
the other day.

5. What genre of music would be torture for you to listen to for an hour?
rap with lots of cussing.

6. What’s the first movie you ever recall seeing?

7. Do you still watch movies intended for children?

8. Who is your favorite stand-up comedian?
i know who *isn’t*. 😡

9. What’s your favorite movie trilogy?
back to the future? although i don’t think i’ve ever seen #3.

10. As of this moment, how long have you been sober for?
i have never been drunk.

11. What ringtone do you currently have on your cell phone?
i have different ringtones for different people.

12. What is your favorite flavor of cake?
i don’t like cake. unless it’s ice cream cake, and then it would be mint chocolate chip.

13. What was your worst fear as a child? Have you overcome that fear?
monsters. i’m not sure how i overcame it, except grow up.

14. What is your strangest phobia?

15. Are you honestly happy with yourself?

16. On a scale from 1 – 10, how much do you like to cuddle?
ohhh about an 8ish i suppose. depends on my mood.

17. Go to urbandictionary and type in your name. What is the first result?
“someone who is very pretty, has lots of friends, fierce, takes good pictures, good kisser, friendly, nice, loves life.” heh. i don’t agree with any of those. but there’s one a couple entries down that must’ve been written by people who know me.

18. Can you type well with your eyes closed?
i guess?

19. What was the last thing you made by hand?
a balancer for my water bottle.

20. What would you like to take lessons in?
latin dancing.


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