Posted by: malia | February 20, 2012



what did you do today?
well it’s still a bit early, but i got the laundry started, did my workout, and started to tidy up a bit before i thought i’d “take a break.” 😳

can you draw a decent picture?
depends on what.

how long have you lived in your current home?
nearing 16 years.

when you like someone, do you tell them, or keep it to yourself?
keep it to myself.

do you have many expectations in life?

what does your last received text message say?
“wow!! huge!! but super-cute!!!”

what was the last movie you saw in theatres?
rio, i think.

do you ever go to the movies by yourself?

who are your favourite people to watch on youtube, if you do?
i have a few of them.

would you rather write with a pen, pencil, or sharpie?
oh i love sharpies. but a pencil.

do you use the website Tumblr?
not as often as i used to.

who were you with yesterday?

when is the last time you talked to your dad?
hmm. i think it was his birthday.

have you ever been to Canada?

are you taken/single/in a relationship?

how do you feel about that?

what’s the last thing you bought?
school uniforms.

excited for anything?

was last saturday enjoyable for you?
yes, i went to a really good workshop.

what do you think about Nicki Minaj?

what do you think about Justin Bieber?

have a favourite band?
i guess.

do you spell colour like color or colour?

when’s the last time you went to a flea market, what did you buy?
last summer, i believe. i was looking for wind chimes i could put on my desk, rather than hang.

have you ever been locked out of your own house?

what’s the weirdest place that you’ve slept?

is it okay for young people in relationships to have sleepovers?
why not?

mac or pc?

who is your favourite person?

what do you think about the website Formspring?
i’m on it, but no one ever asks me anything. 😦


are you open about that?

when’s the last time you got major butterflies, and why?
parent meeting last week.

are you wearing any jewelry, if so, what?
not at the moment.


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