Posted by: malia | February 19, 2012



1. Do you prefer green or purple grapes?

2. What about apples? Green, yellow, or red?

3. Ever cosplayed? As who?
i have no idea what that means.

4. Would you ever drive a hearse?
umm. if i had to, as a job, i guess?

5. What’s one job you absolutely CANNOT see yourself having?
being in combat.

6. Where do you take most of your surveys?
at home?

7. How long are your nails right now?
not very long. they were long a week ago but they kept distracting me so i cut them.

8. What’s your pants size?
i don’t know? i don’t wear pants.

9. A girl I know has been dating a guy for 4 years and they’re engaged. They’re 16 years old. HOWEVER, he cheats on her 24 / 7 and she found out about nearly all of them and she knows he tells other girls he’s single and tries to get with them. He’s tried it with me a few times and I even told her, but she refuses to dump him. What should I say to set her straight and make her realize THERE’S BETTER THINGS OUT THERE?
that if you let him get away with it, he’ll keep on doing it. and if that’s how you want to live your life, fine. but if you have more respect for yourself, you’d find someone who treats you like a queen, rather than someone who hurts you all the time by not respecting you or what your relationship stands for.

10. What do you think of engagement younger than 18? Even if they’ve been dating for 2+ years?
it won’t last.

11. Which is the more serious parent?
my mom.

12. Are you allowed to have drinks or food by the computer?
sure. *brushing away crumbs*

13. Favorite kind of waffles?
don’t really care for them.

14. Ever taken a survey that was 300 questions or longer?

15. Do you like fake nails? Why or why not?
they look cool, but for me, after a while, i get irritated because i can’t do simple things like pick things up. or they get snagged on things.

16. Where do you want your first tattoo, and what would it be of?
i don’t want a tattoo. i’ll stick to temporary ones.

17. Who do you take surveys from the most?

18. What’s your favorite Charles Dickens book?
i haven’t read them enough to have a favorite.

19. Do you think Dr. Seuss is highly overrated?

20. My boyfriend and I will be dating for a year as of 18 August, 2008. What would I get him?
i don’t know him, so i wouldn’t know what to suggest. curious to know if you’re still together, however.

21. What’s one of your stupidest screen-names?
brat. 😀

22. Ever went to the bathroom while another person was in the room?

23. Do you like to hang out in graveyards?

24. Do you know anyone who actually isn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween?

25. Do you buy Halloween stuff when it’s 75% so you can wear it / decorate your house with it?

26. Do you use proper grammar and spelling while talking on AIM?
of course! even when i’m texting. no u or ur or 2 or lol for me.

27. What was your last dream about?
heh. 🙂 it involved a josh holloway lookalike. 😛 but it wasn’t dirty. shucks.

28. What is your makeup routine?
i’ll make sad eyes and pout and say i’m sorry. then i’ll hug the person.

29. Ever gone out in public with no makeup on?
all the time.

30. How much did your last haircut cost?

31. Do you have a specific stylist and place you go to, or do you just go where ever?

32. What do you put in your coffee?
i don’t drink coffee.

33. Who washes the dishes in your house?
i’ll give you one guess.

34. Do any of your parents have tattoos? Of what?

35. Do your parents approve of piercings / tattoos?
i don’t know? i guess? none of us have tattoos. we all have our ears pierced, though.

36. Do you own any platform boots?

37. What’s your favorite type of heel?
the kind that turn face.

38. Did you know that doing laundry, running dishwashers, etc. is cheaper at night time and uses less electricity (I do all of that at night time now!)?
no, i didn’t know that.

39. Am I the only one that finds fake nails extremely disgusting?
probably not.

40. And am I the only one to find french manicures extremely boring and overdone?
probably not.

41. Would you rather wear baggy pants or a Hollister t-shirt?
i don’t know what a hollister t-shirt is?

42. Do you know where I can find a semi-cheap trench coat? The shortest I’d want it is to the bottom of my butt.

43. When you run into someone you don’t really like but they say hi, what do you do?

44. Are there any neighbors you’ve feuded with in the past?

45. Did you know they have Hello Kitty contacts? Would you wear them?


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