Posted by: malia | February 18, 2012



Can you drive yet, and, if so, how many tries did it take until you passed?
→ yes. i passed on my second one. my first one, i was kinda rushed into it, because my dad was leaving on a trip and since he was the only driver in the family, they were kinda pushing me into getting my license so i could drive the family around. but i was rushed and not too much practice, and on my very first turn, i crossed the line, which led to an automatic fail. 😦 the second time i don’t think i was supposed to pass, but the tester felt sorry for me for some reason and passed me anyway. but, hey, i’m a careful driver and have never gotten into an accident. (watch me get into one now.) others who passed on the first try have gotten in accidents! so i don’t feel like it was an injustice just because i passed the second time. 😛

Have you ever changed yourself to fit in better?
→ hmm. i guess?

Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction books and movies?
→ non-fiction. when i was younger, fiction all the way. now i rather learn things than live in someone’s fantasy world.

Do you keep old shoe boxes?
→ i have.

If you could create a perfume, what would it smell like?
→ like flowers or something calming.

What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
→ read.

How would you describe your sense of humor?
→ i’m not very funny.

Do you have any useful skills, and, if so, which?
→ no.

Do you play I Spy while in long car journeys?
→ i used to.

Have you ever seen an eclipse?
→ yes.

Are you an interesting person, and how so?
→ no.

What were you doing last New Year?
→ i was with the animals.

Is there anything you’re excited for that’s happening soon?
→ three-day weekend!

Do you think you’re easy to get to know?
→ no.

What is something about you that is typical to someone of your gender?
→ i like frilly, lacy stuff.

What about something atypical?
→ i don’t wear make-up.

Are you similar to what your star sign says you should be?
→ not sure.

Have you ever taken a career test, and, if so, what did they say you should be?
→ i think i did, but i don’t remember the results.

Is your best friend older or younger than you?
→ a couple of months younger.

When asked to help make dinner, would you make the starter, main, or dessert?
→ starter.

Have you ever had a dream about being online?
→ probably.

Are you one of those people who talks to everyone when they’re out?
→ no.

What was the last TV show you watched and did you like it?
→ soap. yes, i liked it, though it’s strange to watch it now. everyone would be ranting and raving about how un-pc it was.

What’s your least favorite thing about people your own age?
→ trying to act young again.

Have you ever daydreamed about your acceptance speech?
→ um. no.

Do you get other people to speak for you sometimes?
→ yes.

What’s a really popular television show you never got into?
→ most of them! 😀 dare i say all of them? 😛 okay, to name one–american idol. never really got into that, even when hawai’i was representing.

Do you find yourself feeling jealous often, and what exactly are you jealous of?
→ i get jealous when people at work get credit for things that i’ve been doing a long time, yet i don’t get any recognition. not that i look for recognition, but some acknowledgment would be nice.

Do you ever insert punctuation in your writing for no reason?
→ no?

What was the best thing that happened today?
→ went to a great workshop on reading. loved it!

Did you ever truly believe in the Tooth Fairy?
→ i guess.

What was your favorite fairy tale when you were a kid?
→ hmm. probably cinderella or snow white or something like that.

Have you ever had chickenpox, and do you have a scar from it?
→ yes, i had chicken pox when i was 8, and yes, i have several scars from it.

Were you one of those kids who were proud when they had a bruise?
→ ew! bruises gross me out. even when they’re not on my body, i still cringe in horror.

What is one of your biggest fears?
→ death.

Do you listen to any unsigned bands/singers, and, if so, who?
→ i guess?

What do you find really interesting?
→ things that normally put people to sleep.

What’s one thing that tells you if a person is good or bad?
→ how they treat others, especially their family members.

What’s your favorite onomatopoeia?
→ i like that word just by itself! onomatopoeia! 😛 i love saying it with my kids.

Who is your favorite video game character?
→ dk


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