Posted by: malia | February 10, 2012


same place.

Have you had a productive day so far?
hmm. well, we got through everything i wanted to. i had a meeting scheduled during lunch so i guess that was productive? but because of that meeting i didn’t get to eat until 4pm (after running to the post office to drop off pen pal letters) and by that time all i wanted to do was sleep, i was so tired, probably from not eating all day. so while i did get things done…the rest of the day was pretty much shot! no workout, no vegging, no cooking. after this (and, well, the other one), i’m just going to crash!

Do you have a favorite extinct animal? If so, what is it?
oh this is so sad to think about. umm. i think the carribean monk seal. i think they’re extinct. either that, or it’s the mediterranean monk seal that’s extinct. but if they’re anything like they hawaiian monk seal, those things are cute.

What happened to that pink toilet paper from the ’90s?
i don’t think i’ve heard of it?

Do you have any stickers/decals on your computer? And if so, what are they?
no! who in their right minds could ever think to mar the sleek look of my aluminum baby?

Don’t you hate it when you forget something in the sun and it gets ruined?
i guess? i think it’s worse if the rain gets to it, though?

Have you ever had a tooth KNOCKED outta yo’ face? If so, HOW?! D:

Have you ever helped out in a ‘suicide watch’?

What’s worse: Having a big scar on your face or going bald? Why?
i guess, for me, being bald is worse, as i’m always used to long hair. i always think that i’ll probably get cancer and go through chemotherapy and lose all my hair, since that’s the way life is with me. i wouldn’t care about the big scar–my face is nothing to look at anyway. but i think you’d get more stares if you were bald. and the wigs don’t really blend in.

Do you prefer tinfoil or plastic wrap when saving food? And why is that?
i guess plastic wrap? so you can see what’s in it? i only really use tin foil when i have to bake something in the oven, so i will use the foil to cover any leftovers going into the icebox, but otherwise, i guess i use more saran wrap.

Ever been to a Tupperware party? How’d that go?
i don’t think so. at least, i don’t remember if i did? i’ve been given catalogs, but can’t remember attending something where they show you stuff…though i must’ve? i don’t know. i can’t think.

Who is your LEAST favorite member of your MOST favorite band? And why?
i really, really did not like alec john such. but he’s no longer a part of the band, so… i don’t know. i don’t know what it was–something about him just rubbed me the wrong way. i just wanted to shave off that goatee so bad, too.

Do you ever think the little unidentifiable bugs flying around have cameras inside them?

Do you like those ‘cheekies’ underwear? Like the small boy shorts?
i don’t know what those are.

Do you think it is ever necessary to lie to someone?

umm…”would i lie to you?” by eurhythmics. now would i say something that wasn’t true? i’m asking you, sugar, would i lie to you?

The closest tree to where you are: What type is it (pine, maple, etc.)?
i’m not sure what kind of tree it is but it’s blooming this feathery flower that all the bumblebees are attracted to, and now they have been building nests in the little drain holes of my roof. i need it to rain real bad to wash them out!

They’re making a movie about Iggy Pop, how do you feel about that?
no opinion one way or the other.

Did you see Iggy Pop in the film ‘Dead Man’?

He’s wearing a dress, and is trying to rape Johnny Depp. Crazy times.

Do you prefer to feel safe, or do you like the feeling of being in ‘danger’?

Do you agree that there ARE ways to keep a Good Man Down?

Have you ever purposely mismatched your shoes?

What is your favorite comic book/graphic novel based movie? Why’s that?
i have no idea. i liked superman when i was younger. christopher reeve was so handsome.

Of your favorite bands, which do you feel is the MOST political?
i can only think of u2.

Do you prefer your music to be politics-free?

Have you ever slammed your WHOLE arm in the car door? How’d that feel?
ouch. no.

Do you ever hike your pants/shorts all the way up in public & prance about?
um. no.

^How about shove a hoodie under your shirt & walk like Igor through a mall?

Do you think you’d have met the friends you have if you looked differently?

^What if you drastically changed the way you dress/look, still friends?
doubt it.

Are bands like The Cure, The Misfits and The Rolling Stones overrated?
i don’t know the misfits.

How many people do you think are in the world that are just like you?

Do you know how many hammers are inside a piano?
i would think 88?

The funniest thing you ever read on a public bathroom wall/door was:
i used to just see a lot of f words. 😦

Speaking of – If there was a wall that everyone in the world could see, and you HAD to write something on it, what would you say to them?
nothing funny. probably something very dorky.

Is it immoral/disrespectful to photograph the dead? Why/why not?
it’s kinda creepy?

If your face was a mask, that you had to paint, what would you paint on it?
something cute.

What was the last thing you made out of felt?
a kufi.

Can God make a rock so big, and heavy, (s)he couldn’t pick it up?
why not?

How many more of my childhood memories is Shia Labeouf going to ruin?
i don’t know who that is.

Speaking of, do you ever pronounce his last name ‘Labeef’?
um. no.

The ranger’s name in True Grit is Labeouf, & they pronounce it “Labeef” xD

Speaking of True Grit, do you have a favorite John Wayne line?

What is something you are the master/king of?
saying the wrong thing.

[Hypothetically] Your daughter demands to wear only boys’ clothes. Do you let her?
why not?

Where is your favorite place to sit in a movie theater?
in that first row behind the bar of the second section.

Do you have any band-aids on you at this time?

Tell me about something that is happening outside RIGHT NOW:
um. the wind is blowing, i think? it’s quite quiet outside.

How do you reply/react when people insult you or misjudge you?
i feel hurt.

Describe how your favorite type of weather makes you feel:
nice and cozy.

Have you ever had one of those moments where everything could not be ANY WORSE but you just step back, laugh, & think ‘Wow, my life is beautiful’?
um. not really.

When was the last time you ate a slice of stuffed-crust pizza?
months ago.

If you had wings, what would they look like? (Fairy, angel, bat etc.)
like a bird’s (pegasus-like). 🙂

What was the best part about yesterday?
hmm. nothing really stood out about yesterday, now that i think about it. that might be what was the best part.

gosh this took way longer than it should’ve. i kept stopping to play scramble with friends with random people. i have the original scramble but for some reason it’s not as fun as this one is. i suck bad at it, but i keep wanting to play! ha ha! 😆



  1. Play me in SwF. Scrivenr.

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