Posted by: malia | February 7, 2012



1. What is your favorite word in a different language?
oh i have a few, but they’re just not popping into my head right now!

2. Have you ever had a facial? How was it? if not, would you ever get one?
no. i don’t know that i’d get one. depends on the $.

3. How much are the acne products you use?
i don’t use any right now.

4. Who are your least favorite character(s) from your favorite TV show(s)?
i just finished watching the frasier series (well, up to season 8), and i realized just how much i didn’t like daphne. she’s so whiny. and i stopped at season 8 because that’s when she and niles got together. after that i only watched episodes where i knew lilith was in (she’s my favorite). after frasier, i watched cheers because i wanted to see the beginnings of frasier & lilith but ugh, i could not stand diane. she sure was selfish, and also very whiny. now i’m watching soap. my least favorite is jessica, though i’m not sure why she rubs me the wrong way. maybe it’s because she talks on and on and on.

5. If you wear any type of glasses or contacts, what brand are they?
i don’t wear any.

6. Do you think anyone eligible to get financial aid should be drug tested before being able to actually get financial aid? With either side, explain why.
i didn’t know that was a controversy. is this so the financial aid doesn’t go to drugs instead of the intended use?

7. Have you ever had an adult basically tell you that you probably won’t be able to make it (in life, into a major university, other things)?

8. Have you ever been hit on while riding the bus or other public transportation?

9. If you were pregnant right now (if you’re male, pretend you’re female), what would you miss the most eating/drinking wise?
nothing. oh, wait. i’d miss poke.

10. What’s the best type of environment for you to learn in?
lots of audial and visual stuff.

11. If you have been looking for a job, don’t you find it frustrating that you have to compete for a minimum wage job with 30+ year olds?
hey! if i leave my job, i’ll be one of those 30+ year olds searching for a job!!!

12. Do you recycle your cans and bottles for money or just throw it in the recycling? Or do you not care and throw bottles/cans into the trash?
recycle for cash. but i’m not that stingy where i keep every single bottle i bought. if someone else or the school has a recycling bin, i’ll take it there.

13. What is something unusual that gives you a headache?
i don’t think it’s all that unusual for people here, but i get headachy when it’s voggy out.

14. What do you think is the most useless invention?
there are quite a few, but it’s funny how they’re marketed like you can’t live without them.

15. When was the last time you dealt with something at least remotely annoying?
not long ago.


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