Posted by: malia | February 5, 2012


here again.

01. Do you truly consider yourself to be confident or insecure?
yes. i’m terribly confident, if it was opposite day.

02. Are you honestly comfortable in your own skin?
hmm. no.

03. When have you been hurt the most in a family situation?
a family situation? there was an incident quite a few years ago where i got hurt by things my cousins had said. well, not so much hurt, as in angered. i left the house, and everyone else had begged me to come back in but then i overheard my cousin say something that left me feeling like “wow” when the others had begged them to apologize to me. the next week, one of them apologized, but it was so not heartfelt. like he only said it because his wife made him (and he pretty much admitted that to my aunty, as well). since then, we haven’t really talked to each other at all, mostly due to all of our uncomfortableness.

04. When have you been hurt the most in a love situation?
when they finally “get” me … and then promptly find some other woman to be with. 😥

05. In all of your experiences, has love been amazing or horrible?
it has been both. averaged, it’s more towards the horrible side.

06. When your friend is telling you all of their problems – do you truly care?
of course!

07. Are you a selfish person?

08. What is one of the biggest lies that you have ever told?
“i didn’t do it.”

09. Have you ever lied to a friend just to shut them up?
i think so.

10. Do you have a secret that you aren’t telling anyone?

11. Did you ever lie about how much money your family has?

12. Have people ever told you that you are snobby?

13. Have you ever blabbed to someone else with one of your friend’s secrets?

14. What is something that you have done that you wouldn’t want people to know?
wouldn’t that be a secret?

15. Would you have a problem going after your friend’s crush?

16. Do you compliment people just so they compliment you back?
huh? no.

17. Have you ever rudely rejected someone, not realizing how much it may hurt?

18. What is one of the meanest things you have done to someone?
ignore them, i guess.

19. Are you moody?
i guess so.

20. Were you ever irresponsible while watching a child? [them getting hurt, etc.]?
when i was younger, yes.

21. Have you ever spit in somebody’s food?
eww. no.

22. If you had to write 6+ sentences about the greatest love you ever had, what would you put?
oh i could write a whole blog post on that. but i’d rather not.

23. Would you rather be the heartbreaker or the heartbroken?
i’ve been the heartbroken one so many times, what’s one more?

24. Do you often do drugs?
only prescription ones.

25. Have you ever drank underage?
a sip of beer, once. never again.

26. What about drive without a license?
yes, when i lost my license. i didn’t realize it had been missing, so i didn’t know how long i was driving around without it. when i did realize, it was the weekend, so i couldn’t go to the dmv to get a new one until two days later. i didn’t drive, though, and even caught a ride to and from work to make sure it wasn’t there first, before driving (knowingly) without my license to the dmv place.

27. What is the greatest physical pain you have ever been in?

28. Have you ever killed an animal?
i hit a bird once, while driving. i felt awful for days afterwards.

29. What is the worst thing you have ever said to your parents?
i can’t think of anything? i might not have thought it was pretty bad, but it might have been bad for them.

30. Have you ever rolled your eyes when a friend was crying to you?
i don’t think so.

31. Have you ever hidden your report card from your parents?

32. What would you do if you found out your best friend was keeping something huge from you?

33. What would you do if the person you loved most moved tomorrow without a word?
i’d feel extremely hurt.

34. Have you ever attended a funeral and not been sad?
no. even when i don’t know who the person is, i end up crying, just from seeing the family so sad.

35. Have you ever complained about attending a funeral?

36. Do you get jealous when people discuss weddings?

37. How about when people are all lovey-dovey in public?

38. Would you purposely sabotage a person just to feel happier about yourself?

39. Have you ever cheated on a huge exam?

40. Have you ever broken something valuable, blamed someone else, and got them in big trouble?

41. What is the worst trouble you have ever been in?
depends on what type of trouble?

42. Have you ever had an encounter with the police? If so, explain.
i was pulled over once for speeding. i also was interviewed a couple of times over the years about children who were in custody battles being taken and whatnot.

43. What is the worst crime you have committed?
probably use of work computer to do something personal.

44. Have you ever drank alcohol & then drove after?

45. Do you honestly care when you see commercials for children in Africa starving?
i’m actually a bit suspicious, even though the commercials make me cry.

46. Do you care about charity and world peace?

47. Do you consider yourself a miserable person?
not really.

48. Have you ever started a rumor about someone else?
no, though i’ve been accused of it.

49. If you have, what was it and how spread did it get? If not, what is the worst rumor you heard?
i was accused by a colleague of telling my students something about her–which actually was true (the “lie” she said i was spreading), but i did not tell my students that? they’re young, why would i tell them that?! but she managed to get a LOT of people against me by making them believe i had done such a thing.

50. Was this survey deep enough for you?
deep how?


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