Posted by: malia | February 2, 2012


from here.

1. Do you know anyone that doesn’t use butter & / or syrup on their pancakes / waffles?
um. me? my sisters always did think i was weird for not using syrup or butter. but i guess others think it weird, too?

2. What is your favorite kind of M&M? Have you tried the new cinnamon-flavored ones?
cinnamon ones? huh. interesting. i didn’t know those existed. i like just the plain ol’ milk chocolate m&ms.

3. If you use pictures on your survey posts – is there a particular type of picture you go for? Do you base it off of the theme of the survey, or is it completely random?
i don’t use pictures?

4. Would you ever consider having a miniature pig as a pet?
oh that would be so cute. but are they hard to clean up after? if they can be potty-trained, sure, i wouldn’t mind one.

5. If you were a little kid right now, what would you ask for on your Christmas list to Santa?
probably something like an iPad.

6. Do you say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” in order to avoid offending people who don’t celebrate Christmas?
i usually don’t say one or the other, but in writing, i always put “happy holidays.”

7. Do you think that anyone can ever be “too old” to receive gifts on holidays?

8. Have you ever made / played with a sock puppet before?

9. When was the last time you went to the store with the intent of purchasing something specific, but it turned out that item was completely out of stock?
just the other day.

10. Do you ever read comics like Garfield, Foxtrot, Peanuts, etc.?
i used to. i don’t read physical papers any more, so don’t get to see the comics, but when i did, that’s one of the first pages i would turn to. 🙂

11. Have you ever had a toilet clogged up so badly that it flooded the bathroom?

12. Do all of the windows in your house have blinds or curtains?

13. Have you ever thought your period was over, but it turned out you were mistaken?

14. Is comfort more important to you than appearance / fashion?

15. Aside from the obvious [such as 1-5], what amount of questions would you consider to be “too short” for a survey?
i guess 10 or so?

16. Are you easily distracted from doing important things?
yes. well…it depends. if i know someone is counting on me, then i will do it. if it’s up to me, then…yeah.

17. Do you find it weird, or amazing – perhaps even scary – thinking that there are billions of people all around the world, some of them sleeping, studying, eating, & even some of them murdering other people?
i don’t find it weird…but i do think about those things.

18. What about thinking that there is someone, somewhere, filling out this exact same survey as you right this very second?!

19. What is your favorite cartoon character? Would you be embarrassed to wear a shirt / hoodie out in public with that character on it?
i guess it depends. like i wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear like a simpsons shirt or something, but i might a pokemon one.

20. Are you disappointed that the present isn’t like it was envisioned to be in The Jetson’s?
i didn’t watch the jetsons often enough to know what it’s supposed to be like.

21. Would you rather spend the day indoors playing video games, or out in a three hour hike?
video games.

22. Have you ever seen a waterfall [aside from in a fountain or other man made things]?

23. Are you a frequent sufferer of heartburn?

24. If you were to lay down right now, could you easily fall asleep?
right now? umm. no, i don’t think so.

25. Do you put window clings up during the holidays?

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