Posted by: malia | November 29, 2011


i just did a 300–that’s right, 300!!!!–question meme and when i finally finished two hours later, i press “publish” and it takes me to a login screen?!? so i login again, and IT’S GONE!!!! IT’S TOTALLY GONE!!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! grrrrr. it only saved up to question 107. i am NOT going back and finishing the other 193 AGAIN!




  1. Maybe you could post the first part for one day and then redo the rest for another day. Where did you get a 300-question meme? I want to do a 300-question meme!

    • i guess so. but i’ve run out of days.

      it was on

  2. Silly. The fact that it’s not NaBloPoMo anymore doesn’t mean you’re out of days! What’s to keep you from writing the occasional entry beyond, just because? Hm?

    • quality.

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