Posted by: malia | November 17, 2011

thursday two questions #61

Here are Self Sagacity’s Thursday Two Questions #61:
1) Do you suffer from short term memory lost? One minute you thought of something fabulous, and the next minute you can’t even remember if you even had that moment?
yes, and it bugs me so much!!! i felt great pride in myself at having a very good memory–my mom would marvel that i had a photogenic memory, and that i could remember every little bit and detail from things i’d read long ago. but man, this getting old sucks!!! i find myself so many times a day, stopping in my tracks, and thinking, wait, what was i doing?!?! where was i going??! what was i gonna do?!?? i’ll have a good idea, start to accomplish it, and completely lose track of what it was, and also, what i was doing prior. argh. i hate it!!!!

2) How do you keep track of all your great ideas on the fly? Do you always have things available to jog them down? Do you make up landmarks or symbolize them to help you remember?

no, i don’t do any of those things. i just usually remember them. well, *usually*, some 10 years ago. now it’s all a fog. but i still don’t write anything down. that’s just more clutter that i don’t need. but maybe if i start getting even worse…i’ll have to. *shudder*


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