Posted by: malia | November 8, 2011

the queen’s meme: miscellaneous queen needs sleep meme

The Queen’s Meme #101 ~
The Miscellaneous-Queen-Needs-Sleep Meme

1. All your dominoes just fell down. Who pushed them?
probably me! i’m a klutz.

2. Have you ever danced in a car?
all the time!

3. What is your horoscope reading today?
i haven’t looked at one of these for a long time! i used to always read them every day in the newspaper, so i could laugh…but i guess i haven’t looked in a newspaper for a long time, so…

anyway, here’s what it said from my excite homepage…

oh, drat. i went to my excite homepage, and it’s not there any more. turns out they don’t do it any more. so instead i looked it up using google.

Tuesday, November 8 2011

This is a good day to get things done. Good eye-hand coordination and a continuous effort make almost any task run well. You are able to apply real discipline or organization. You find yourself in a very practical mood and working with, instead of against, yourself. You have a yearning to move toward the more challenging issues soon. Law, politics, education, travel and religion are some of the areas where drama could be enacted; careful. You are in a good position to add your advice or guidance for those who ask. Emotional security, a sense of belonging and nurturing turns your attention to the home front this afternoon. Making phone calls, paying bills and writing letters holds you close to home this evening.


4. The iPhone just gave birth to the next generation of phones. What would you call them? The i______?
oh, i’m not creative like that. for some, it’s like iLife, but that’s already the name of their software package.

5. Do you believe Justin Bieber should take a paternity test?

6. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy this. Occupy that. What would you most like to occupy?

7. What is the last groovy thing you did?
i’m not very groovy.


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