Posted by: malia | November 4, 2011

time is changing on the ostrich farm

from here.

Time is changing on the ostrich farm

1) With the next U.S. presidential election only a year away, are you keeping up with any ongoing political issues?

not really. politics infuriates me, so i try to keep away from it.

2) In “Tower Heist,” which opens in movie theaters today, a billionaire cheats the staff at his apartment building out of their retirement funds, and they come up with a plot to steal the money back. If you were going to take part in a crime plot, what would you want your secret code name to be?

“shadow.” i like that name, for some reason. if i ever get a pet that is all black, shadow will be its name.

3) A friend of mine recently posted a “bucket list” of many various photographs she’d like to take in her lifetime (including ones of the Eiffel Tower, a dolphin, and the Great Wall of China). What would you like to take a photo of in your lifetime?

probably something like stonehenge or the pyramids or something. but then again, i’m not a great photographer, so it won’t be outstanding. but i guess it would be tied to memories, so…

4) Would you use a public restroom that was encased in a two-way mirror structure along a city street?

if i really, really had to go…yes.

5) If a person is on a diet, is it okay for that person to brag about his or her weight loss to other people?

why wouldn’t it be? no different from people bragging about other aspects of their life.

6) If you inherited a very profitable ostrich farm, would you keep it or sell it?

i know nothing about the raising of ostriches, so i guess i’d sell it.

7) With celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorcing after only 72 days of marriage, should the couple keep the wedding gifts they received or return them?

keep them (who gives back gifts? that’s rude!), but good luck deciding who gets what.

8 ) Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday when clocks will be turned back one hour. Do you feel like the U.S. should keep the time changes or abolish them?

i don’t see the difference, but then again, i don’t know how much it would affect them, as i don’t live in a place that has it. but changing the time…i don’t know. it’s kinda like playing god for me. why change things to only suit yourself? live with it! (i know someone who would nitpick my statement and argue that i shouldn’t go to the doctor then to get better. but again, like i said, i have no idea how this thing affects the states that have them. maybe it does make a big difference that i just don’t know about. just to me, in my limited schema of this, it seems unnecessary, whereas i think health things are necessary.)


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