Posted by: malia | November 3, 2011

my heart is a sandwich and bacon bowl

My Heart is a Sandwich and Bacon Bowl

1) In Gym Class Heroes’ song “Stereo Hearts,” the singer says his heart is a stereo. If you were to compare your heart to an inanimate object, what object would it be?

it would be a tiny little ice cube held in a metal ice cube tray that is buried beneath all the frozen food of a freezer.

2) Thursday used to be a must see television night. Name some shows you think are “must see” TV.

i seriously don’t watch any tv any more. not even online, which i used to do, to catch up with my shows.

3) Today (Nov. 3) is Men Make Dinner Day, which is aimed at the men who never cook, and also is National Sandwich Day. If someone was to make you a sandwich for dinner tonight, what would you want on your sandwich?


4) If you had an iPhone with its new Siri app, would you ask it random, stupid questions (like I’m dying to do) or would you just ask serious questions?

i feel stupid talking to my phone if it’s not to someone on the other side. but i do like to read why siri why. if i didn’t feel so self-conscious, i would probably ask silly questions.

5) The New York Times has published the eulogy given by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ sister which says that Steve’s last words were “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” What would you want to be your last words, if you could pick?

gosh i so don’t want to think about this. *sigh*

6) KFC has introduced a new item to its menu — a Cheesy Bacon Bowl, containing bacon, corn, chicken, cheese, gravy and mashed potatoes thrown together in a bowl. People seem to have mixed opinions on the appeal of KFC’s bowls. Would you eat (or have you already eaten) one of these bowls?

i’ve eaten the original (famous) bowl. it was pretty good. i tend to mix things into my mashed potatoes (like corn), anyway, so it’s nothing too strange. i don’t like bacon, though, so will not be trying this bacon bowl.

7) Do you parallel park your vehicle or do you drive around until you find a parking spot that isn’t a parallel parking space?

i will parallel park. i’m not good at judging distances (like if i would fit in or not), but otherwise, i’m pretty decent at parallel parking. when i visit my mom, i *have* to parallel park–there’s nowhere where you can park that’s not along the street, so it’s not like i’d drive around looking for a non-parallel parking space.

8 ) Have you ever been able to finish a Rubik’s Cube?

yes. i could do it pretty quickly, too. i haven’t done it in a while, though, so i don’t know if i could do it now.


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