Posted by: malia | November 24, 2010

wednesday wickedness: prince william

in recognition of his recent engagement…

Today we picked Prince William. Here’s Wednesday Wickedness!

1. “I’ve had lots of kids come up and ask for my autograph, I’ve had a grandmother stop me and ask me if I know a good place to buy underwear.” Where do you buy your underwear?

at the store? online, once.

2. “I’m always open for people saying I’m wrong because most of the time I am.” How often are you wrong?

all the time.

3. “Harry can paint but I can’t. He has our father’s talent while I, on the other hand, am about the biggest idiot on a piece of canvas. I did do a couple of drawings at Eton which were put on display. Teachers thought they were examples of modern art, but in fact, I was just trying to paint a house!” What was the last thing that you drew?

hee, that’s funny. i draw all the time. i guess the last thing i did was with the kids, showing how to use speech bubbles in their writing.

4. “I do think I am a country boy at heart. I love the buzz of towns and going out with friends and sitting with them drinking and whatever — it’s fun — but, at the same time, I like space and freedom.” How would you describe yourself?

i wouldn’t say i’m a country boy. i don’t go out with friends, but i think i like the town more because that’s where i grew up and the country lifestyle is so foreign to me. i’m such a townie.

5. “I remember her as being a huge inspiration to me, someone to really look up to and admire.” He’s talking about his mom. Who do you admire?

aww. i was so sad when i watched the funeral, seeing the two boys walking all alone. that was so sad.

6. “I think it’s very important that you make your own decision about what you are. Therefore you’re responsible for your actions, so you don’t blame other people.” How do you think you are about taking responsibility for your actions?

i don’t know–i guess i’m okay. it’s usually my fault anyway.

7. “My guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring.” What are your guiding principles?

to be good and helpful.

8. “Only the mad girls chase me, I think.” When you were, or if you are, single: What type of people chased you?

no one chases me.

9. “I don’t deliberately select my friends because of their background. If I enjoy someone’s company, then that’s all that counts. I have many different friends who aren’t from the same background as me and we get on really well — it’s brilliant.” How do you select your friends?

it takes a while for me to open up. i guess i have to feel safe. if someone can make me laugh or make me feel at ease, yet understand the way i am, they are a good candidate.

10. “People say it’s not ambitious, but it is actually quite ambitious wanting to help people.” When was the last time that you volunteered to help people?

earlier today, i guess.


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