Posted by: malia | November 9, 2010

the fire meme

The Fire Meme

1. You are stranded on a desert island. There is only one match left in the matchbox.
What would you use it for?

to light those torches like they have on lost which never seem to go out.

2. Do you burn bridges in relationships?

hmm. i think i do.

3. Name one thing you’d like to set on fire today.


4. Have you ever burned a cupcake?

i don’t think so?

5. If you had your choice and could change nature’s ways, instead of smoke and lava, what should spew out of volcanoes?


6. When is the last time you used a Fire Extinguisher?

i don’t think i’ve ever used one. maybe only as a landmark.

7. Have you ever known anyone with a fiery uncontrollable temper? How did you handle it?

yes. i avoided the person.

8. You are with your significant other. What song are you singing around the campfire?

are there other people around?

9. What is the one thing you’d gladly leave IN your house in case of fire.

all the rubbish.

10. When is the last time you got fiery fighting mad?

hmm. i don’t think i ever got fiery mad. i get annoyed…but not fiery, fighting mad.

11. Do you believe in hell?

all fire and brimstone.

12. Do you or have you ever smoked?

no way.


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