Posted by: malia | October 8, 2010

i love the 80s

sorry. i totally need a break from report cards. they’re driving me nuts!

I Love the 80s!

1. MADNESS: OUR HOUSE … “I remember way back then when everything was true and when we would have such a very good time, and such a fine time, a happy time”….
What is a funny memory of a parent, sibling or guardian in your childhood home?

our house / in the middle of our street / our house / was our castle and our keep …

a funny memory? my sisters and i used to always copy music videos or movies or stuff. unfortunately, some of it is on tape. i crack up when i think of a video my sisters and i did, because my middle sister took the lead, which she rarely does, and it was just so out of character for her. then my youngest sister was making all these comical faces. it was so funny.

2. MEN WITHOUT HATS: SAFETY DANCE … “We can dance if we want to, we’ve got all your life and mine…as long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it, everything will work out right”…
What activity did you do that would be considered dangerous or reckless?

we can dance if we want to / we can leave your friends behind / because your friends dont dance and if they dont dance / well theyre no friends of mine

hmm. i guess driving. that’s how dangerous my life is.

3. FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: RELAX … “But shoot it in the right direction, making it your intention…live those dreams, scheme those schemes, got to hit me, hit me, hit me with those laser beams”…
What was your dream job and what did you actually wind up doing?

relax, don’t do it

i wanted to travel the world in a band. i also wanted to be an author. but…we all know what i ended up being. 😦

4. MODERN ENGLISH: I MELT WITH YOU … “I’ll stop the world and melt with you…you’ve seen the difference and it’s getting better all the time, there’s nothing you and I won’t do…I’ll stop the world and melt with you”…
What is the most romantic getaway you have taken?

mmm / mmmmm / mmmmm / mmmmm / i’ll stop the world and melt with you

sorry, i can’t stop singing every time i see a lyric. my most romantic getaway was with a former fiance to the outer islands. it was very lovely.

5. THOMAS DOLBY: BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE … “I don’t believe it! She’s tidied up again and I can’t find anything!All my tubes and wires, and careful notes”…
What valuable item have you lost?

…and antiquated notions! / it’s poetry in motion…” heeheehee! how could they leave out the best part?

i’m starting to realize that what i have lost the most is time.

6. DEVO: WHIP IT … “Crack that whip, give the past the slip, step on a crack, break your momma’s back”…
Were you spanked as a child? How were you punished?

i say whip it! / whip it good! / dun nun nun nun na dun dun …

yes, i was. spanked, kicked, hit, you name it. we also had our cheeks pinched for talking back. worked pretty well, as i rarely talk back, even though my mind thinks it. but, yes. and we always got it twice, because we’d get it from our mom, and then sent to our rooms. then our dad would come home from work, and our mom would tell him what we did, and then we’d get it again from him. i seemed to be the only one who would remember that, because i rarely got in trouble, but my sisters always did. you’d think they remember the double lashings and not do it again, huh? tsk-tsk. ah well.

7. ANIMOTION: OBSESSION … “You are an obsession, You’re my obsession, who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?” …
What is the oddest thing you ever did to get someone to like you?

i will have you / yes i will have you / i will find a way and i will have you / like a butterfly / a wild butterfly / i will collect you and capture you

hmm. i remember sitting close to someone i thought was cute and i kept trying to nonchalantly toss my hair over onto his arm. i realize now how irritating that must have been! *sheepish*

8. TOMMY 2-TONE: 867-5309 JENNY JENNY … “Jenny Jenny who can I turn to? You give me something I can hold onto..I know you think I’m like the others before, who saw your name and number on the wall” …
Who do you regret giving your phone number to?

jenny i got your number / i want to make you mine / jenny dont change your number / 86753 oh niiiiiiine

whoever it was that passed it along to all these political survey people who keep calling!!! grrr.

9. KAJAGOOGOO: TOO SHY … “Modern medicine falls short of your complaints, ooh, try a little harder, you’re moving in circles wont you dilate? Baby try”…
What is your favorite medicine or drug?

hey girl! / move a little closer / cuz you’re too shy shy / hush hush eye to eye

this was about drugs?! really?!? wow. i guess my favorite would be the one that keeps me alive?

10. GARY NUMAN: CARS … “Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors, it’s the only way to live, in cars”…
What was /is your favorite car?

cars! *synthesizer music* hee. i don’t remember most of the lyrics. just the music.

my favorite car was at one time an rx-7. i don’t know why. i think i read about it in a book, and the title character had one, and i wanted one, too. but i had no idea why it was good. or if it was even good, heh. nowadays…it doesn’t really matter. i like my car because it was economical and had a good warranty, which is good for someone who knows nothing about the maintenance of cars.

11. THE GO-GOS: OUR LIPS ARE SEALED … “Can you hear them? They talk about us, telling lies, well that’s no surprise” …
What is the worst lie or rumor anyone ever told about you?

doesn’t matter what they say / in the jealous game people play / hey hey hey / our lips are sealed heh, i won’t tell you what i thought they were saying.

the worst lie or rumor about me? that i’m awesome?


kidding. no one has ever said i’m awesome, jokingly or straight. um. i did have a bunch of “whisperings” about me–don’t know if you’d call them “rumors”–which led to my awful year a few years back. that was the worst because people weren’t even giving me a chance. sad. 😦

12. DURAN DURAN: HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF … “In touch with the ground, I’m on the hunt I’m after you, smell like I sound, I’m lost in a crowd, And I’m hungry like the wolf” …
What food do you crave so much you would brave a long line or travel a far distance to get it?

heehee i always thought it was “i’m lost and i’m found.” man, i had the worst hearing.

sometimes, i just really want a good steak. steak and a baked potato. yum.

13. JOAN JETT: I LOVE ROCK N ROLL … “I saw him dancing there by the record machine. I knew he must have been about 17. The beat was goin’ strong, playin’ my favorite song” …
What was the last song you paid to hear on a jukebox?

and i can tell it wouldn’t be long before he was with me, yeah me!

i seriously had no idea what she was singing. eesh. and she was my favorite rocker! hmm. the last song i paid to hear on a jukebox was … gosh. i think it was some grease song. seriously. it was that long ago! 😛

darn. back to report cards.


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