Posted by: malia | July 14, 2010

thursday thunks: kitchen wonderland

Thursday Thunks: Kitchen Wonderland

The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of Jupiter’s third moon and the number 3,333,333.

1. Billy Mays died about a year ago. What kitchen gadgets have you bought that you’ve used less than three times? What are they?

i think it’s the juicer i got–i don’t think i’ve ever used it. it’s still in the box. i saw it on qvc, actually, and got it with the intent of making fruit smoothies, but…never got to do it.

2. What celebrity would you like to shake some sense into, and why?

it used to be britney, but she seems to be on track now. i guess it’d have to be lindsay lohan. i don’t know much about her, but i see her in the “news” all the time, and it doesn’t look good. i hope she finds herself.

3. Jimmy Buffett just did on concert to benefit the victims of the Gulf. Name a Buffett song that you like.

i … don’t know of any song he did. okay, just looked him up. “margaritaville.” i think i’ve heard that song before.

4. How did you feel about Ringo Starr turned 70?

not that bad…not as bad as when i see “teen” stars now in their 40s! he doesn’t affect me as much as those others do! aiyiyi.

5. What sport do you absolute see no point in watching?

i just really don’t get how people can watch ufc or boxing. i really have no interest in watching people beat each other up.

6. Trivia time. Do you know the first names of the French twins?

no, i don’t.

7. You are in the best seafood restaurant in Canada. What type of meat do you order?

i’n a bit leery about seafood right now with all the oil spills and sewage leaks and stuff. but i guess it’d be shrimp or lobster. maybe even clams or scallops. just about any kind of shellfish. i also like salmon.

8. How far would an electric car have to go without a recharge before you’d buy one?

100 miles.

9. Did you see that a high court ruled that you can swear on regular TV? What word can you just not wait to hear?


10. You are in the finest steak and rib joint in Kimberville (Arizona). What seafood dish do you order?

seafood?! i’d choose shrimp & steak or some kind of surf ‘n’ turf thing like that.

11. What was the last concert that you attended that really sucked?

i can’t think of one?

12. What type of accent would you like to have, if you were forced to change yours?

i’d like a british accent, so i can sound proper.

13. Kimber’s got four kids with chicken pox. Berleen is not feeling the love today, so I was asked to host. What do you miss most when neither originator of TT is asking the questions?

i haven’t been playing long enough to know the originators’ styles. but i feel bad for both and hope things get better.


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