Posted by: malia | July 13, 2010

TMI Tuesday #234 – Celeb Edition

TMI Tuesday #234 – Celeb Edition
Who is one celebrity you would like to:

Elope with?
Excite beyond words?
See in bed with their current fling?

wouldn’t they all be the same person? hmm. well i’ll try to pick separate people…

cuddle with: i normally don’t like men all big and musculary but if just to cuddle with, i’d want to snuggle in between two strong, protecting arms. i guess maybe vin diesel? i actually don’t know of him or have seen any movie he’s in, but i read an article about him talking about his newborn daughter that just made me melt. so solely on that comment, plus his arms, i’d choose him.

elope with: gosh. that would expect him to want to elope with me, and that’s not very possible with the way i look. i’m not sexy or beautiful enough to have anyone want to elope with me. so i guess i’d choose stevie wonder. my looks wouldn’t get in the way; he’d just know me by my shining personality. (heehee!) and he could serenade me. 🙂

love: i’d choose taye diggs. not only is he handsome, but have you heard the way he talks about his wife? he just worships her. he really, really loves her and thinks the world of her, and wow. that just makes me fall for him, more than his looks. i mean, i couldn’t get him, ever, but i would like a guy just like that, who really, truly, absolutely loves and cares for his partner, and not get sidetracked by the next pretty young thing that goes flouncing by.

excite beyond words: hmmm. gosh. i don’t know if i know of one. i mean, i see how some older women get all excited about taylor lautner and hyperventilate and stuff when he takes off his shirt, and i must admit, i don’t think there’s anyone out there that makes me that crazy. for me, there’s no one that really visually excites me–i mean, yes, i find people handsome and stuff, but what really makes me excited about someone is more the things they say or the way they act or what they do. as you can tell, heehee. they make one comment about their wives or daughters and i’m like swoon! 😛 so to “excite beyond words” — and i’m thinking about this as visually-stimulating, like those women with taylor lautner — i don’t know if that exists for me. now, “excite *with* words” — that’s a whole ‘nother story! 😉

bang: hmm. from a purely sexual standpoint — anyone who is in to it, i guess. not someone going through the motions, but someone who is just really into the emotions and feelings of the act. maybe not so much into *me*, though that would be nice (that would be more ‘making love’ than ‘bang’, though), but you know, someone who is just so excited and so into it and just grunting and growling and letting his raw, animalistic prowess sorta take over … and … um. yeah.



see in bed with: gosh. this sounds creepy. but i think i would like to see brangelina. i mean, i can imagine them doing that whole animal-stalking-each-other, hair-pulling, biting thing and like *really* going into it (i mean, look at her, for goodness’ sake!), but i can also see them being tender and loving and caressing and all that nice stuff. i mean, not that i “see” that, as in fantasize about them, but…you know what i mean. with them, i think it can both be exciting as well as loving.

okiedokie. totally tmi. 😳


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