Posted by: malia | July 9, 2010


what does one do while waiting over an hour in the hallway because the tiny waiting room is overflowing?

1. try to find a comfortable place in the hallway where you’re not too much of a blockade.

2. watch 3 unattended children empty out a whole tub of blocks into the hallway, completely blocking off one entire section of the hallway.

3. when those kids start playing and every other word out of their mouth is the f-word, decide to take the elevator down to the lobby and wait there.

4. check godfinger, we rule, zombie farm, farmville, lexulous, and words with friends.

5. after 45 minutes, decide they must be ready now since they said “30-45 minutes.”

6. return to your dismay that there is STILL no room in the waiting room and the 3 kids, while they have cleaned up their blocks, are now lying in the hallway and rolling down it.

7. get out of the way of having toes rolled over (but sadly still in earshot of the many f-words) and decide to play coin dozer for a while.

8. run out of coins in coin dozer so try out new iBook while also trying to manuever around cleaning crew’s vacuum.

9. feel pain of hunger and realize you haven’t eaten all day, yet know the minute you leave to get something from vending machine, that’s when they’ll be ready for you.

10. called in to pay. of course. that’s important to them.

11. still no room while you were paying so back out to the hallway!

12. thankful there’s a little toddler here laughing up a storm while playing with her dad, so it drowns out embarrassing sound of loud, gurgling tummy. not thankful 3 kids down the hallway are still swearing with that little girl around. at least she’s oblivious.

13. see 5 families exit. check if there’s room in waiting room.

14. success! finally able to sit down! update list.

15. see that on the tv in the waiting room they’re playing high school music 3. swell. maybe that’s why the room’s vacant now.

16. finally, finally, FINALLY hear your name being called. yes!

17. walk back to car after the 2-minute consultation. realize you waited 1hr 10min for 2min visit that cost $89 and bang your head on the steering wheel.

18. head to nearest diner for an ice cream sundae!!!!


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