Posted by: malia | June 9, 2010

weekend meme

okay i’ll probably regret this if i decide to do july nablopomo but i’m bored.
seen here.

1. What is your typical weekend like?
well, it’s been a little off with the furloughs, but usually my son stays with his grandma for the weekend, and i usually spend the saturday doing laundry and lounging around. sunday i go to pick him up and we usually go to a baseball game (nephew) or a soccer game (niece). then it’s come back and work on plans. with the furloughs, though, it was a bit different. i was picking up my son on friday (since i usually volunteered at his classroom anyway) and then we’d usually spend the night at my mom’s. saturday was usually just spending time with sisters and family. then sunday i’d go to work and work for a good 4-5 hours.

2. Are you a party animal or a couch potato on the weekends?
couch potato. when i was dating, i guess i went out more on the weekends, but before that, and after that…total couch potato mode. 🙂

3. It wasn’t until 1940 that the two-day weekend became nationwide. I say it’s time for three-day weekend across the whole world! . Wouldn’t you love to work 4 days and off 3 all the time? Do you think this is a good idea?
yes, i would love that. in the first job i worked at, the agents had the option of going to a 4-10 schedule or staying on the 5-8 one. all the guys chose the 4-10 one, and i must say, i would’ve chosen that, too! but since we were clerical, we had no choice; we had to be there 5 days a week. boo. i wouldn’t mind working longer on the 4 days to have a 3 day weekend. i kinda liked having the 3 day weekends this year, even if it meant i was going into work on a day off to catch up. it just felt nice.

4. Do you consider Sunday as a traditional day of rest?
i used to–saturday used to be my work hard/clean house/do chores day, so sunday you can relax–until i had my kid. then that all changed. 🙂

5. What are your around-the-house weekend chores?
i’m so bad at chores. usually the one thing i always do weekly is laundry. the rest of the house–sadly, it doesn’t get kept up until breaks. i’m so bad.

6. If you have a significant other in your life or are dating, what is your favorite indoor and outdoor activity?
well, since i don’t, i don’t answer this question? boo.

7. Where would go for a romantic weekend getaway?
a beach house would be nice.

8. Do you have any special weekend traditions, quirks or rituals?
hmm. no, just the laundry thing, i guess. i wake up early to do it, because the dryer takes forever, so i have to get it started early. otherwise, i can’t think of any other traditions or rituals?

9. What is your weekend blogging routine?
i usually only blog if i’m doing nablopomo. i tend to have more up on my tumblr on the weekends, because that’s when i’m surfing a lot and come across things i want to tumble.

10. Tell us about your favorite weekend memories as a child?
we’d always wake up early on saturdays to catch the saturday morning cartoons. it would be just me and my sisters (my parents would sleep in) up at 5ish to watch smurfs, care bears, charmkins, flintstones, gummi bears, snorks, etc. then by 8 or 9, all the cartoons would be done, my mom would be up, and we’d be cleaning. the tv would be off, and all we’d hear for the rest of the day is my dad’s music that he would blast. but i fondly remember the waking up early, the 3 of us huddled on the couch in our pajamas and wrapped in blankets, and sitting around watching cartoons. i also remember going to the beach early on sundays–early, because my dad hates crowds. we’d go at about 6ish, and be back around 8. and then of course, there was weekly sunday dinner at grandma’s house, where we’d get to play with all our cousins. everytime i smell gardenias, i’m instantly brought back to those sunday afternoons at grandma’s, hiding in the gardenia bushes while all us cousins played hide and go seek or chase master or something. oh, badminton and croquet, too, which didn’t require me sitting in the bushes, but near them, and their aromas–especially in may and throughout the summer, when they’d be in full bloom–that’s what i remember. a whiff of that, and i’m back at my grandma’s, picking the buds she’d let me take home, cracking open one of her pomegranates to share with the cousins–just a real carefree time. i miss that.


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