Posted by: malia | April 22, 2010

survey of many subjects

seen here.

Last Person…

Person you hugged: son.
Person you texted: sister.
Person to text you: sister.
Person to call you: the dentist’s receptionist.
Person you called: the receptionist, confirming i got her message.
Person you kissed: son.
Person to sleep over: mom.
Person you hung out with: colleagues.
Person to make you cry: a student.
Person who made you smile: son.

When Did You Last…

Take a shower: last night.
Hug someone: today.
You cried: earlier.
You called someone: a couple of hours ago.
You texted someone: yesterday.
Had chicken nuggets: about a week ago, i think.
Failed a test: a test of will power? maybe? last night.
Went to church: couple of months ago.
Went to camp: years and years and years ago.
Bought something: yesterday.

Where Was the Last…

Place you rode to in a car? work.
Place you ate? at home.
Store you went to? 7-11.
Place you had ice cream? does yogurt count? menchies.
Mountain you climbed? tantalus.
Camp you went to? erdman.
Place you put your phone? charger.
Friend’s house you went to? up the hill.
Concert you attended? ho’omau.
Place you went for a party? grandma’s.

Love Life…

How is your life right now? okay.
Any crushes right now? yeah.
Is there anyone you wish was still in your life? no.
How do you feel about your last ex? nothing.
How do they feel about you? same.
Can exes be freinds[sic]? no.
Have you ever been in love? yes.
Has your heart ever been broken? yes.
Have you ever broke someones heart? no.
Are you happier single or in a relationship? single.
Is it okay to have more than one bf/gf? no.
Dates: Group or One on One? one on one.


Food: steak.
Movie: ?
Activity: sleeping.
Vacation Spot: beach.
Music Type: any.
Animal: dolphin.
Vehicle: car.


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