Posted by: malia | April 6, 2010

ten things on my mind

okay short and fast because i’m running out of time…

  1. testing. i had to bubble in 24 booklets today, filling in the names, birthdates, and ID numbers of all my students. we don’t get any support because our tests don’t count. so i had to do them all myself and am just seeing darkened bubbles all over the place when i close my eyes. i hope they do okay on this. i’m not very confident.
  2. hair. my hair is irritating me because it keeps getting caught on everything and i keep sitting on it. i also have tons of split ends. and the weather’s getting hotter, too, so ugh. i think i need not a snip but a full-on chop.
  3. rain. there’s supposedly a storm going on. you wouldn’t know that here. it’s so hot.
  4. students. there are a couple of them that i just can’t stop thinking about. they need help but i don’t know how to go about helping them. it’s so frustrating!
  5. money. i have always kept a considerable cushion in my account in case of an emergency, such as a car problem or something. that cushion is now gone with the furloughs. i hate being like this–it makes me so uncomfortable. i keep praying nothing bad happens that’ll cost a lot of $$$ because i honestly don’t know how i would be able to afford that.
  6. death. it scares me.
  7. zumba. i really want to try it. i don’t know if it’ll work, though. and $$$$$!
  8. hunger. i had a late dinner, too. i don’t know why i’m hungry right now.
  9. nails. i haven’t done my nails in a long time. they’re looking a bit gross.
  10. facebook. never gave it a second thought before, but now like to see what’s happening with my cousins all over the country. good to read what they’re up to and remembering stuff.

and that reminds me…i have farms i need to check up on… 😛


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