Posted by: malia | November 22, 2009

over the top meme

from sundaystealing.

Part One – Describe:

Your hair?

kinda irritating right now. lots of split ends, always getting caught in stuff. long enough for me to sit on. straight. brownish. straggly. ready for a snip.

Your mother?

kind, but firm. works too hard. caring. fragile, but in a way, strong, as well.

Your father?

strict. stoic. hard to please.

Your favorite food?

yummy. delicious. mouth-watering.

Your dream last night?

mellow. just kinda hanging out.

Your favorite drink?

clear. thirst-quenching.

Your dream/goal?

to be happy.

The room are you in?

cluttered. lots of toys. sis’s old room. cool and breezy.

Your hobby?

hmm. time-consuming.

Your fear?

being alone. death.

Your TV?

old. 😀 broken.

Your Pets?

cute. wily. soft. mischievous. enjoy their freedom just a bit too much.



Your life?


Your mood?


If you’re missing someone?

describe if i’m missing someone? huh?

Your best friend?

nice. caring. funny.

Part Two – The Where’s?

Where do you want to be in 6 years?

still here, i hope!

Where were you last night?


Where did you grow up?

here. 🙂 in town.

One place that I go to over and over?

work. bah.

Your favorite place to eat out?

i like en fuego. but anywhere with steak would make me happy. 🙂

Wish list items?

where are they? uh…if i knew, they wouldn’t be on my wish list?

Last time you laughed?

where? umm…here, i guess?

Last time you cried?

here, too, i guess. or maybe i was in the bathroom.

Part Three – The What’s?

Something that you aren’t?


Last thing you did?

answer the above question.

What are you wearing?

a blue top and black shorts.

Something you’re not wearing?


Your favorite store?

i like price busters. costco’s pretty good, too. 🙂


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