Posted by: malia | November 16, 2009

friday5: tolerance

from aug 28

How’s your tolerance for alcohol?

not too good. especially of people who partake too much.

How’s your tolerance for noisy neighbors?

ugh. i keep thinking my upstairs neighbors are bad–and then the new ones end up even worse. the other ones that surround me are nice and quiet, but it’s always the upstairs one!

How’s your tolerance for physical pain?

i think it’s about average? i’ll wince through my headaches but get all owie with other things.

How’s your tolerance for intolerant people?

if i am intolerant of them, does that mean i’m intolerant of myself?

How’s your tolerance for bad music?

eh. there’s only one genre i really don’t care for, so i guess i’m pretty okay.

from friday5.


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