Posted by: malia | November 8, 2009

friday5: resilience

from oct 23

hey! i just had a blog post called resilience! cool. probably a totally different meaning but.

Who in your life seems especially resilient?

i have had a few students over the years that i just marvel at–all the things they went through, and they’re only 6 years old! my gosh. i can see how fragile i am compared to them, because if i had to deal with the things they had to, i swear, i’d just crumple.

What characteristics would a person need to develop in order to become resilient?

i suppose there is a kind of naïveté about them–they don’t know any better, or at least they’re not aware of it–something. they just keep forging through and don’t listen to the naysayers.

In what areas of your life do you think you’ve been resilient?

i’m not. i’m like tissue paper. i crinkle and tear very easily.

It is often said among educators that a strong indicator of resiliency in children is the presence of a “charismatic adult.” In your own childhood, who was the charismatic adult who inspired you to grow positively?

hey!!! that’s just what we learned about!!! we were talking about having “i am a charismatic adult” t-shirts made. that shirt so wouldn’t fit me, though. i guess mine are my parents. i’m afraid to do anything that wouldn’t please them, and that helped me to do well, i think.

Can one be tough and resilient at the same time, or are they opposite traits?

hmmm. i think they go hand-in-hand. sometimes the tough front that people put up is because they’re not feeling confident so they have to be this tough guy. but most people who are tough have been through a lot and are still standing and fighting, so i see that as being resilient. i keep thinking of tough boris. that shows both, right?

from friday5.


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