Posted by: malia | June 17, 2009

the meme that never ends

i didn’t realize that i hadn’t updated this one for two months! i guess i’ve been spending all my time over on the other one. so i went over to my usual source of these memes, tenseteacher, and found new memes. it’s funny there are ones called “chatty meme”s because i just updated my status not too long ago as feeling very chatty. i don’t know what it is. and i guess it’s obvious because look how much i’ve written just to say, wow, it’s been a while. sheesh. anyway, here’s one that promises it will never end, but thankfully, does.

Where did you take your profile pic?
i took it with my isight camera in photo booth and then used the “pop art” effect, and then used appleworks to trim it down to just one square. man, of all the applications i thought i’d never use on my computer, i’m loving photo booth a lot! it’s such a blast to distort yourself.

What exactly are you wearing right now?
exactly? hmm. i’m wearing a pink t-shirt with eeyore on it. it also has lots of hearts on it. very girly. is that exact enough?

What is your current problem?
what isn’t my current problem? sheesh. oh, i know. work. 😀 ah, i’ll be hating that come a month from today.

What makes you happy most?
not having to go to work 🙂 and being with the family. i would also be most happy if i can get my house cleaned up and then enjoy a nice big steak. oh gosh, i just made myself hungry.

What’s the name of the song that you’re listening to?
the song in my head right now doesn’t have a name as i just made it up…”i want some steak / nice, juicy steak / won’t somebody grill me a steak right now?”

Any celebrity you would marry?
ohhhhhh yeeeeeesss 🙂 he’s already married, though. bum.

Name someone with the same birthday as you.
i know 3 other people who were born on my exact same birth day. i wonder if we were all in the hospital together–probably, right? it’s a small island. oh, but i think one was born in okinawa because her family was military. but it’s neat how we all ended up attending the same school years later. 3 of us! and we were all girls. what are the odds?

Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?
yes. on tv, too, in fact. or well, i guess i more mouthed the words than anything! 😉 hmm…but by myself in front of people? does in front of my class count? i guess they’re not large. oh, i did have to sing with my kids once at a parent meeting and then my kids decided to clam up and left me singing there all alone!!! that was embarrassing. i kept looking at them like uhhh?? hello?? they just got the major stage fright and stopped singing and left me there strumming my ‘ukulele and singing by myself. eeeesh. oh, and we’ve had to sing for hula, too. so, uh, yeah.

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
nope. “celebrity” implies that person is famous, and a famous person would not look like me.

Do you speak any other languages?
a couple.

Has anyone you’ve been really close with passed away?
no, thankfully. yet i’ve taken their passings very hard, so i am really afraid of how i would take the passing of someone i’m close with. i’d be so torn up. 😦

Do you ever watch MTV?
hello? i grew up on that thing! i watched it so much i could probably identify any music video that came from the ’80s. i haven’t watched it though, in years…ever since they stopped playing music videos and only did reality shows. it’s no longer MUSIC television.

What’s something that really annoys you?

Middle name:
i have two, one after my grandmother, and one … i actually don’t know where my mom got it from. i think she just thought it sounded nice.

i have three–one my mom calls me, one my sisters call me, and one from an ex.

Current location:

Eye color:

Do you get along with your parent(s):
yes, i guess. more my mom than my dad. it was tense for a while there with my dad, but i guess i got over it.

Are your parents married/separated/divorced?
they are recently divorced. dad did the typical trade-in-for-a-newer-model deal.

Do you have any siblings?
yes. i have two sisters, and one half-sister.

Ice Cream:
yummy yummy goodness. *drool* what is being asked?

something we hardly have here. well, i think we have two. even though i have to teach my kids about 4 of them. hard to do that when you don’t experience it, you know? oh well.

what you wash your hair with? am i supposed to be doing something else?

Dance in the shower?
all the time.

Do you write on your hand?
no? why?

Call people back?
if i have to. i hate the phone.

Believe in love?
♪ ♪ do you believe in love? / do you believe it’s true? ♪ ♪

Any bad habits?

Any mental health issues?
oh yes, i’m pretty sure there are.

Broken a bone?
nope, not yet.

Sprained stuff?
well, some of my aches and pains have been described by dr as “sprained” but i don’t see a possible explanation for that.

Had physical therapy?

Gotten stitches?

Taken painkillers?
i think they gave me some after my surgery. i don’t remember specifically taking them, though; it must’ve been in the iv. but the darn thing drove me crazy! i can see how people addicted to the stuff act now. ack!

Gone scuba diving or snorkeling?

Been stung by a bee?
yes, two or three times.

Thrown up at the dentist?
uh, no? is that common?

Sworn in front of your parents?

Had detention?

Last movie seen?
up. sad, sad, sad movie.

Last three people to text you?
sister, niece, and an ‘invalid number’ txt from the phone company because i forgot to put 808 before my niece’s phone number when i replied to her txt.

Last person you called?
my sister.

Last person you hugged?
my son.

Last person you tackled?
my son.

Last thing you touched?
the keys on this keyboard.

Last thing you ate?
i had a french bread pizza for breakfast.

Last thing you drank?

Last thing you said?
out loud, to someone? umm… “hurry up! the bus is going to leave! quickly! come on! hurry! have a nice day.”

Were you named after anyone?
umm, i was named after a song…i guess the song was for someone, so in a way?

When was the last time you cried?
just a little while ago i teared up because as i was cleaning i found my son’s acceptance letter into his school.

Do you like your handwriting?

What is your favorite lunch meat?
roast beef.

Do you have kids?
yes. well, one.

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
probably not.

Do you use sarcasm?
of course not.

Do you still have your tonsils?

Would you bungee jump?
no way!

What is your favorite cereal?
i like the kashi one, but i don’t know the name of it.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
no. my shoes don’t have laces, anyway.

What is your favorite number?

What is the first thing you notice about a person?
if they’re smiling or not.

Red or pink?

What is your least favorite thing about yourself?

Whom do you miss the most?
well i’ve been missing a friend from high school as i looked over the reunion pics and thought about all those kids in high school, and then i suddenly remembered my good friend and wondered how she was doing. then i realized i really missed her.

What are you looking forward to about tomorrow?
not having to go in to work 😀 but more cleaning…

What are you listening to right now?
the birds chirping outside.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Favorite smells?
certain flowers, a can of coffee being opened (reminds me of small kid time), and nothing makes my mouth water more than grilled steak or hamburgers.

Favorite sports to watch?
volleyball or baseball.

Hair color?

Do you wear contacts?

Favorite food?
steak 🙂 and potatoes

Scary movies or happy endings?
happy (but realistic) endings.

Summer or winter?

Hugs or kisses?
both are nice.

What book are you reading now?
My Father’s Dragon

What’s on your mouse pad?
i don’t have a mouse pad!

What did you watch on TV last night?

Favorite sounds?
children’s laughter, a good bass line, the 2:00 bell.

Rolling Stones or Beatles?
gosh! my dad liked one, and my mom liked the other. hmm. i guess the beatles.

What is the farthest you have been from home?
san antonio, texas

Do you have a special talent?

Where were you born?
in a hospital.

Who was your favorite teacher?
i can’t pick just one! i had a few 🙂

What’s your secret?
i don’t know that i have any.

What’s your biggest goal/dream?
i’ll have to copy tense teacher (though i don’t know about the dream job part!!!) and say to be debt-free! everything paid off so that i can just relax and enjoy life instead of working it away and deteriorating healthwise.


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