Posted by: malia | April 3, 2009

Friday 5 for April 3: More Questions about Food and Drink

What is your favorite fizzy, bubbly drink?

there’s this creme soda that comes in a glass bottle that i love. mmmm. i haven’t had it for years, though. if i ever had to crack, that’s what i’d run to.

What is your favorite deep-fried food?

hmm. i like fried mozzarella sticks. i also like jalapeno poppers. oh recently i tried deep-fried cheesy macaroni bites. they actually were not bad! but i guess i’d choose mozzarella sticks, especially with a good marinara sauce. or i guess the poppers–i’d eat them w/o any sauce.

What is your favorite hot beverage?

hot chocolate. mmmmm. more for the cozy feeling it gives.

What is your favorite really messy food?

all foods are pretty messy the way i eat. i constantly spill on myself. i guess anything sauce-y with noodles that you can slurp.

What is your favorite recipe for a blended or mixed beverage?

coffee ice cream and milk and ice and chocolate syrup. yum!

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