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Friday 5 for March 27: Turning

To whom do you normally turn when you need to complain about something?

usually my mom or my sister. i don’t like to bother people at work with my complaints even though i have a lot! 😀

Which annual season-turning do you enjoy the most?

summer! i actually prefer when the weather turns cooler, rather than hot, but for me, it means vacation!

Where can you get a really good turnover?

i don’t really care for pastries, so i’m not sure what is good or what is not. i’ve had the napples; they were okay.

What’s employee turnover like where you work?

very high. when i was at 7 years, i was the third-highest in terms of seniority! a lot of the newbies do their 2 years probation and then get out or quit. the average seems to be about 4 years before one leaves. we get a lot of people from the mainland who also do their 2-3 years and then decide to move back. it’s unusually high, but our principal never gets investigated for it because a lot of people just think, well that’s just the area they work in. but really? there’s been quite a few who didn’t want to leave because of the kids or the area. it’s because of the admin. but no one questions them. which is sad for the kids.

One of the Wonder Twins could turn into any form of water, while the other could turn into any animal. Which of these powers would be more useful to you?

i think i’d like to turn into the animal–then i could fly, swim, run…whatever i’d need to travel. i’d be afraid of being drunken if i was water.

Friday 5 for March 20: Quarterly Progress Check

Would you say 2009 so far is meeting expectation, exceeding expectations, or failing to meet expectations?

whose expectations? if my own, then it’s meeting, because i don’t have very high expectations. but if it’s a standard…then it’s probably failing to meet, or even well below.

What letter grade would you give yourself for your performance at work or school?

well below.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how happy have you been with the weather so far in 2009?

it’s been cold…but i did save on electricity. for the first time in 10 years, it went below $75! wooo! and i’m in a part where it’s not too rainy, so it hasn’t been that bad for me. i’d say an 8.

Which of the Motion Picture Association of America’s film ratings would you give your social life so far in 2009?

mine has not yet been rated.

2009’s parents are on the phone and want to know how 2009 can improve its performance. What have been 2009’s areas of strength and what are its areas for growth in the second quarter?

2009 keeps chugging on, no matter what happens. nothing holds it back. great perseverance. but i know it will keep on that path, and wait for no one. it could slow down a bit so that we may enjoy it, but i guess we just need to change our own perceptions and let it continue on its course.

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