Posted by: malia | March 15, 2009

Friday 5 for March 13: It’s Cold!

What’s your favorite frozen heat-and-eat food?

hmm. it would have to be hot pockets or chicken sandwiches from costco. actually i get them both from costco, but they’re usually what i bring for lunch–easy to just pop in the microwave before you run to the library to photocopy something, and it’s ready (and not too hot to eat!) by the time you come back. plus it’s small enough to gobble down in one minute while you’re doing other stuff. sadly, though, i’ll have to look for a new lunch. because of budget cuts, they are slashing our electricity bill, and so we are not allowed to have microwaves in our classrooms any more. we already couldn’t have mini-fridges, but now we can’t have microwaves. they just really know how to kill morale, huh?

How sensitive are you to cool temperatures?

i get cold quickly. i grew up in a place that was always very warm, and we never had a/cs, so i’m used to being warm. so when the temperature dips a bit, i feel it and get cold very quickly. i don’t know about now though–i don’t own a sweater or jacket (or umbrella) because where i live, it’s always very hot and sunny. but these past few days i’ve shivered without a sweater or jacket so i don’t know. maybe now i’m acclimated to the cold! 😛

How many ice-cube trays are there in your freezer?


What aspect of your life seems to be frozen in place?

my relationships? not sure what this is asking.

What’s your favorite blanket like?

it’s blue and fuzzy on one side and smooth on the other side. so when it’s cold, i keep the fuzzy side towards me, to keep me warm, and when it’s warmer, i put the smooth side on me, to help keep me cool. i used to have a green one like this that i had for years (over 25!), but it got so old and tattered it separated into two blankets. i told my mom, and then she went and made me this new blue one a couple of years ago 😀 yes, i’m in my late 30s, so what? 😉

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