Posted by: malia | February 27, 2009

Friday 5 for February 27: PayDay!

How often do you get paid?

twice a month, the 5th and the 20th. luckily, there’s less days in between this month’s 20th and next month’s 5th so it’ll come faster. or so it seems.

Do you tend to splurge a little on (or shortly after) pay day?

shortly after. well, i wouldn’t say it was a “splurge.” it’s used to pay bills. luckily, my bills are due all around my pay days. so as soon as it’s in the bank, it’s write the check and mail it. nothing really to “splurge” on.

What are the few days leading up to pay day like for you?

they’re okay? i mean, sometimes i’ll think, yay, 3 more days ’til pay day. but then i don’t know why i get happy about it, because the money just goes to bills. :/

If you had the option, would you like to be paid daily for each day’s work?

i don’t think so. if i had to be paid daily, i’d for sure use it up daily and not be able to have it build up to pay the big bills–mortgage, maintenance, car, etc. weekly might be nice, though. one of my son’s old babysitters demanded to be paid weekly. and she received more $ than me, and she only watched 6 kids! what she made in one week would be one month’s paycheck for me, and i had 4 times as many kids as she did! if i made that kind of money, i’d like it weekly, too–grocery shopping would be much more fun. one week at what she charged would pay for my mortgage, car, electricity, phone, dues, etc.! i’d still have 3 more weeks’ pay to do whatever.

When did you get your first paycheck and what was it for?

i got it in june ’88. i was 16, and it was my first real job. my coworkers told me to frame it, but i think i just photocopied it and had my dad deposit it for me in my account. 🙂

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