Posted by: malia | February 21, 2009

a to z meme

from tenseteacher.

of course, i don’t think i have an accent. i don’t think mine would even qualify as “local.” and i don’t think it’s very american, either. but i did have a bf who had a lovely british accent. hoped i would turn madonna and adopt a british accent myself, but that never happened. 😦

Breakfast or no breakfast:
i rarely would eat breakfast, but now i’m mandated to do it. *sigh* hard when you value sleep a lot more 😉

Chore I don’t care for:
cleaning the bathroom. heck, cleaning, period.

Dog or Cat:
dogs. 🙂

Essential Electronics:
my computer. and my cell phone, i guess.

Favorite Perfume:
heh. i have this one that i like the scent of, but i don’t know what the name of it is. but it is quite … magical. 😉

Gold or Silver:
i like silver.

Handbag I carry most often:
a big messenger bag (ha! i had originally typed passenger. heee!) with eeyore on it 😀

i get this sometimes, and i don’t understand it. i feel so tired, yet my mind won’t let me fall asleep. too much stress, i guess.

Job Title:

one of my own, but if you asked him, he’d say that i have 22 others that get more attention than he does. *hide* over the years, i guess it’s about 275? around there.

Living Arrangements:
just me and my own kid. and some animals. and various bugs. and a CENTIPEDE.

Most Admirable Trait:
an admirable trait to me is one who can make one feel special. i wish i could be like that.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior:
i probably lied or something.

Overnight hospital stays:
i think i’ve had 2.

being alone. heights, too, maybe. and centipedes.

“we all want something beautiful. man, i wish i was beautiful.” — eddie olivas

Reason to smile:
i can think of a few.

2 sisters. oh, and another one that i always forget about.

Time I wake up:
530 on work days. a little bit later on non-work days. 🙂

Unusual Talent or Skill:
i know how to irritate people.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat:
beets. i used to love them, but now…bleah.

Worst Habit:
being me.

i’ve had quite a few.

Yummy Stuff:
food. some guys.

Zoo Animal I Like Most:


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