Posted by: malia | January 24, 2009

january friday5s

Friday 5 for January 30: Super Friday

In American football, a fumble occurs when the player carrying the ball drops it, often resulting in a great advantage for the other team. What have you recently fumbled in your own life?

i drop the ball in so many things. or wait, is this not about “dropping the ball”? i’m so bad at these; i’m just too literal. let me zone for a minute.

there’s this workshop that i really wanted to go to. but i didn’t apply for it–the deadline was yesterday. i really want to go, but then again, i don’t want to sign up for it if i’m not even going to be here next year. it was offered to me first because i really studied the speaker’s works and i guess they could see i was using it. or maybe because they think i need the help the most. but i didn’t get back them, wavering back and forth between whether i was going to continue there next year or not. then i heard they asked someone else, whom i really don’t care for. so okay, she’s not really the “opposing team” since we’re all in this together, but it makes me sick to think that if i do return next year, she’s going to use that all against us, once again proving she is the most superior thing on this earth. or at least, on our campus.

okay that probably still doesn’t answer the question. it’s still “dropping the ball.” *sigh*

In American football, you have thrown an interception when someone from the other team catches the ball you meant for your teammate. Who’s often an interceptor of something you intend for someone else?

i hate to say this, but my kids. my frustrations with what i’m being asked to do is usually taken out on them. 😦 even with my own kid. he gets snapped at or ignored so much because i’m stressed about work. i’m such a bad mommy. 😥

One of the severest penalties in American football is for unsportsmanlike conduct, when a player doesn’t play according to the spirit of fair play. In what situations are you most likely to be a perpetrator of unsportsmanlike conduct?

i admit my attitude stinks when i’m in a faculty meeting. or a grade level meeting. or a resource meeting. 😦 i don’t say anything mean but i think it’s obvious that i don’t want to be there.

why are all my answers only about work?!?!

In American football, the concept of running low-risk plays that consistently gain a few yards at a time is called “moving the chains,” while the concept of going after huge gains with higher-risk plays is called the “vertical game.” In your personal life, are you more of a moving-the-chains player or a vertical-game player?

i move chains. i drag them, actually. they don’t get moved very far.

Sometimes in American football, the quarterback will, at the last moment, change his or her mind about the intended play, either to prevent what is likely to be a failure or to take advantage of a vulnerability in the other team. The method used in this play-change is often “calling an audible.” In what way have you recently called an audible in your life?

sorry, another work one, but i think this is normal in my line of work. you go with something, and it’s not working, so you have to change it, even on the fly. or you see something working well and you know you’re supposed to go on to the next component, but you don’t want to lose the opportunity of the teachable moment, so you say who cares, and just keep going on with it (which i often get penalized for, but whatever. i’m here for the kids, not you.) to maximize the potential of that moment. i think a lot of what i have to do is recognizing things like that and making changes quickly and accordingly. you don’t want to continue on with the same game plan if that’s going to lead you straight to a sack, causing the ball to be fumbled, which the other team catches and runs it to their endzone for the score.

oh my gosh, did i just do a metaphor?!??!?!! there’s hope for me, after all. 🙂

…even though, i just realized, upon rereading…that i did not answer the question. grrrrr.

Friday 5 for January 23: Net Habits

What types of blogs do you usually read?

i read other teachers’ blogs. i guess i like to feel like i’m not alone in my frustrations and celebrations of my job. i also like reading stuff about my favorite shows and celebrities. i visit one that has celebrities’ kids like almost daily. i don’t know why it fascinates me so, and i know that my going to that site just gives paparazzi more reasons to take the pictures that clearly irritate the celebrities, but i am drawn to the site. i guess i also like seeing that celebrities can go through the same things with their kids. some are just so cute. i also like reading stuffs about little mechanical things that are being invented to help life be a little easier. oh, and i read a lot of educational blogs–different from the teachers’ ones, which are usually personal–these are blogs where i can learn things and get ideas from that will help me in my classroom. especially those blogs that deal with reading and writing because i always need help with that! i want to be “pretty good” in that area and so i really need to work on that, and i get a lot of tips from these sites. hopefully the different things i learn will help the kids!

What kinds of products do you usually buy when you shop online?

usually things i can’t find here (like a whirly pop) or things i’d be too embarrassed to go to the store to buy (like a britney spears cd). but i have even ordered things like pizza and computer stuff online that i could totally get in a store but … i don’t know. i take a looooooong time to decide (darn libraness) and instead of standing there looking idiotic, i’d rather do that at home where no one knows it actually took me two hours to submit the order.

What kinds of online videos do you usually spend time watching?

i watch videos of instructors in the classrooms so i can learn from their techniques. i look up old ’80s music videos and reminisce. i totally got into happyslip and she makes me want to do that stuff too but ha. and i’ll look up snippets of tv shows i might’ve missed (like the late late show) or want to watch over and over (even those that make me sob uncontrollably).

Besides Friday 5, what weekly memes do you particularly enjoy?

i only like friday5. 😀

i like surveys, too. but they’re not really weekly.

Where do you like to go for streaming online music?

thesixtyone or imeem. oh i have a account but i haven’t used that in a while. oh! i just joined and am enjoying that immensely. 🙂 it’s like twitter but with music and more people pay attention to you there.

Friday 5 for January 16: Wind

Among your friends, who could be blown over by a strong wind?

i guess it would be a colleague of mine. she’s about my height but i swear, she must only be like 80 pounds. very, very, very, very thin. i feel like i could flick her, and she’d fall over. she’s very soft-spoken, too, and not at all aggressive. however, she loves windsurfing, so … i guess a strong wind wouldn’t blow her over. she’d welcome it to help her windsurf. heeee.

What’s something in your house you occasionally wind?

um. my hair? but i do that outside my home, too. maybe it’d be cables and stuff. just so they’re not all in a big tangled mess. like my hair. 😀

Is there some significant gossip you’ve recently gotten wind of?

no. not significant, anyway.

Where is the windiest place you’ve ever been?

i guess that’d be the pali. that place gives me the chills as well.

What do you do, on a typical day, to unwind?

listen to music. just blast the radio and dance around. 🙂

Friday 5 for January 9: The Lucky Ones

Among people you know, who seems to be lucky in love?

hmmm. i’d say my sister. she has only had 2 boyfriends (and one became her husband) but both treated her like a queen. i often think why can’t i find someone like that? i’m not cute enough, i guess.

Among people you know, who seems to be lucky with money?

this would be my other sister. she seems to always have extra money. even when playing poker and stuff, she’ll win all the money. she didn’t gamble in vegas, but i’m sure if she did, she’d win something. her kids get everything they want. they live very comfortably. and it’s not that she’s good financially and budgets well or something. she doesn’t. she just always happens to have something fall in her lap.

yes, i’m jealous of both my sisters. i didn’t get those traits. i’m only lucky in finding stress.

Among people you know, who’s lucky to be alive?

one of my former colleagues. gosh, she was such a dangerous driver. she got out of so many pulling-overs by the police because she really knows how to flirt. but seriously, i’d be scared to ride with her. she’s a scary driver.

Among people you know, who seems to have the worst luck?

i’ve a child in my class who has had the most rottenest luck, and he’s only 6. 😦 it breaks my heart.

What kinds of good-luck charms do you own or carry?

i used to have a rabbit’s foot when i was like 3rd grade or so, and i carried it around for a while. not so much for luck, but i guess it was a fad back then. i remember being both fascinated and grossed out that you could actually find the claws in the fur.

Friday 5 for January 2: Seconds

What’s a dish you always go back for seconds of, even if you know you’ve had enough?

steak. or anything potatoey.

For how many seconds can you hold your breath?

i just did it for 8 seconds. yes, i’m pitiful.

What was the second-best thing about your New Year’s celebration?

the house was closed up well enough to keep out the smoke and most of the noise.

What was your most recent second-hand purchase?

some ds games i got through yes, i’m cheap, but they’re in pretty good condition, especially if you can find one from a smoke-free home. if they work fine for half the price you’d pay in the store, why not?

A second-degree burn on human skin can be identified by the blistering it causes. When did you last suffer a second-degree burn?

eww! cringing just reading that. ewww!

ohmyGOSH. just looked up what a second degree burn would be and EWWWWW. pictures showed up! EWWWWW!!!! grossgrossgrossgross.

i cannot think of a time when i got a second-degree burn. EWWWW. i don’t think i ever got one. *shudder*

Alternate question: Without looking it up, can you name the four positions that comprise the defensive secondary in American football?

the defensive backs? oh gosh my uncle’ll kill me. um … cornerback … nickelback … dimeback … and … i so want to say quarterback but heh. i don’t know what else. halfback? no, wait…safety back? gosh. sorry, uncle. i wasn’t paying much attention 😉

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